Mathematical and geometrical explanations in physics

James Ladyman is hosting a conference on mathematical and geometrical explanations in physics, on 11th-12th December 2009.

The Department of Philosophy gratefully acknowledges the support of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science in funding this conference.


Friday December 11th. Nanoscience and Quantum Information seminar room



9.30-10.00 Coffee in the foyer
10.00-11.30 Professor James Ladyman (Bristol): introduction
Professor Sir Michael Berry FRS (Bristol): Emergence and asymptotics in physics: how one theory can live inside another
Dr David Wallace (Oxford): comment
11.30-1.00 Professor Basil Hiley (Birkbeck): The Geometric Structure behind the Quantum Formalism: the Role of Clifford Algebras
1.00-2.00 lunch
2.00-3.15 Professor Lev Vaidman (Tel Aviv): All is Ψ
3.15-3.30 coffee in the foyer
3.30-5.00 Professor John Hannay (Bristol): Geometry in action
5.00-7.00 drinks at the Highbury Vaults

7.00 onwards.

dinner at Sands

Saturday 12th December: 3.21, Department of Physics



10.00-11.30 Professor Robert Batterman (Western Ontario): Mathematical explanations: geometric phases and singular idealizations
Dr Eleanor Knox (London): comment
11.30-1.00 Dr Jonathan Robbins (Bristol): Indistinguishable particles: the spin-statistics relation in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics
1.00-1.45 lunch
1.45-2.30 Dr. Chris Philippidis (Bath): The glue and the lubricant (the AB effect: a single step towards Bohm's physical geometry)
2.30-3.30 Professor Steven French (Leeds): Distentangling mathematical and physical explanation
3.30-3.45 coffee in the common room
3.45-5.00 Dr Tim Palmer (Oxford and ECMWF): The Invariant Set Postulate: a new geometric framework for the foundations of quantum theory and the role played by gravity

A programme (PDF, 65kB) is available to download.

For inquiries about the conference, please contact Jess Dunton.