The group

Project Members

The Structuralism Project members are James Ladyman (PI), Øystein LInnebo, Leon Horsten, Richard Pettigrew and Anthony Everett. The mathematician John Mayberry is also closely involved in the project.

Doctoral students

Selected work by project members on issues central to structuralism are available here.


As well as the project members listed to the left, the Foundations of Structuralism project has the following Associates from universities outside Bristol:

Steven French (Leeds)  
F. A. Muller (Rotterdam)  
Katherine Hawley (St Andrews),  
Fraser MacBride (Glasgow)  

The project logo is the connected graph of order 6 above: connected graphs are often used to represent structures and this is is the smallest object  in the theory of (simple) graphs all of whose nodes are absolutely discernible.

Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State and St Andrews)