Selected publications

A selection of recent papers on aspects central to structuralism written by the project members are below.

Papers by Leon Horsten:

'Computational structuralism' (with Volker Halbach)

Philosophia Mathematica 13.2 (2005) [Journal link]

'Impredicative Identity Criteria'

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2008)

Papers by James Ladyman:

‘In Defence of Ontic Structural Realism’ (with S. French)

Forthcoming in Alissa and Peter Bokulich (eds) Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science: Scientific Structuralism (Boston University Press.

‘Structural Realism and the Relationship Between Physics and the Special Sciences’

Forthcoming  in Philosophy of Science (2008) [Journal link]

‘On the Identity and Diversity of Objects in a Structure’

The Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (2007) [Journal link]

Papers by Øystein Linnebo:

'The bad company problem'

Special issue of Synthese, 170:3 (2009)

Appeared in a special issue dedicated to the 'bad company problem' in abstractionist accounts of mathematics, with contribution by Roy Cook, Philip Ebert and Stewart Shapiro, Matti Eklund, Bob Hale and Crispin Wright, Øystein Linnebo, John MacFarlane, and Gabriel Uzquiano. [ Journal link]

'Which Abstraction Principles Are Acceptable? Some Limitative Results' (with Gabriel Uzquiano),

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 60(2): 2009, 239-253.

We argue that stability--which is one of the more promising answers to the question in the title of our paper--fails to provide a sufficient condition for an abstraction principle to be acceptable.  [ PDF, 93KB] [ Journal link]

'Structuralism and the notion of dependence'

Philosophical Quarterly 58: 2008, 59-79

I argue that dependence claims are more important to mathematical structuralism than is generally recognized. Then I defend a compromise view concerning the dependence relations between mathematical objects, according to which structuralists are right about some mathematical objects but wrong about others. [Journal link]

Papers by Richard Pettigrew:

'Only up to isomorphism? Category Theory and the Foundations of Mathematics'

With Øystein Linnebo. Under consideration by the Review of Symbolic Logic. [PDF 344 KB]