On-campus Staff Yoga at the University is suspended for the time being, due to coronavirus.  We hope to start up again as soon as possible.  In the meantime, our teachers hope to have some online classes running for you soon via Skype. Watch this space.  


Classes are taught by certified Iyengar yoga teachers Jess Wallwork, Zoë Hope and Sarah Dietz. The classes are designed to help you develop strength, stamina, steadiness and flexibility. Regular practice of yoga can help you maintain physical health and mental well-being, promoting more balance and harmony in your life.

All classes are suitable for complete beginners as well as those with experience. The emphasis will be on learning the basic asanas, starting with the standing poses, and there will be encouragement to develop a personal (home) practice.

The club is run on a voluntary basis. Presently it is being run by Dr Matt Dietz and Dr Sarah Dietz, both employees of the University.  Contact:

How to join

The group is open to everyone who is eligible to use the Staff Social facilities. All you have to do is sign up to a block of yoga classes (see Bookings and Payment, below).  Please note due to space limitation at the University we cannot guarantee a ticket for everyone who wishes to attend. We are always on the lookout for more/bigger/better venues for yoga at the University so if you know of a room with regular availability and storage for yoga equipment, please let us know.

To be informed as soon as tickets go on sale, sign up to our mailing list (see 'Mailing List', below).  

Bookings and Payment

Classes in the Brambles and the Chaplaincy are sold in blocks corresponding to school terms (normally 5-7 weeks, see below for details).  It is not possible to pay for individual weeks. Please pay for your chosen block of classes using the PayPal links below (if you don't already have a PayPal account you do not need to create one, you can just choose 'Pay with Credit Card' instead of 'Create Account/Log in').

Tuesday lunchtime class in Augustine's Courtyard can be booked on a weekly basis directly by emailing Sarah, see below for details.

Please note: Fees are non-refundable except where a medical condition prevents you from continuing. 

2019/2020 Block 4 - February/March 2020

Description and Dates




Mondays 7:30am with Jess

24 Feb, 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 March 2020

6-week block

Games Room, The Brambles (back of The Hawthorns)  £36

Mondays 7:30am


Tuesdays 1:00pm with Sarah

25 Feb, 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 March 2020

Book by the week

Augustine's Courtyard £6 per class

Book by the week by emailing Sarah


Wednesdays 7:30am with Jess

26 Feb, 4, 11, 18, 25 March, 1 April 2020

6-week block

Games Room, The Brambles (back of The Hawthorns) £36

Wednesdays 7:30am


Wednesdays 4:30pm with Jess

26 Feb, 4, 11, 18, 25 March, 1 April 2020

6-week block

Games Room, The Brambles (back of The Hawthorns) £36

Wednesdays 4:30pm


Thursdays 1pm with Sarah

27 Feb, 5, 12, 19, 26 March, 2 April 2020

6-week block

Activity Room, Multifaith Chaplaincy, 1 Woodland Road £36

Thursdays 1:00pm 


Fridays 1pm with Zoe

28 Feb, 6, 13, 20, 27 March, 3 April 2020

6-week block

Activity Room, Multifaith Chaplaincy, 1 Woodland Road £36

Wednesdays 7:30am




Games Room, The Brambles.  Directions: The Brambles is located at the back of The Hawthorns (home to Conferences and Hospitality) on the corner of Woodland Road and Elton Road. You can enter through the Hawthorns garden, which faces Elton Road, or through the dining room behind the Hawthorns bar. You will need your U-Card for access. Address: The Hawthorns, 14-16 Woodland Road BS8 1UQ.  

Activity Room, Multifaith Chaplaincy. Directions: The Multifaith Chaplaincy is accessed at the side entrance of The Grange, 1 Woodland Road (opposite Woodlands Church).  Doors are open during University term time.  At other times you may be able to access using your U-card or you can ring the doorbell.  Address: Multifaith Chaplaincy, The Grange, 1 Woodland Road BS8 1AU


For insurance purposes before attending your first classes you must fill out this short health questionnaire: Yoga Group Medical Form (Office document, 30kB) and send it to the relevant teacher (Jess WallworkZoë Hope or Sarah Dietz).  You must update the teacher on any further health issues or injuries. For general enquiries please email Sarah and Matt on

If you have any questions about your suitability for the classes or health issues you need to discuss - in particular if you have recently had surgery, a severe illness or other medical condition or injury (especially spine or neck related) - please contact the relevant teacher before the classes begins, by emailing Jess on or Zoë on or Sarah on For all other enquiries (membership, payment, times, locations etc) please contact Matt and Sarah on

Practical Considerations

About Iyengar yoga

The Iyengar method of yoga is named after our teacher Yogacharya Shri B.K.S. Iyengar. The teaching helps you focus on correct alignment of the body in poses ensuring you’re working safely, with maximum benefit to your flexibility, strength and wellbeing.

The postures are very precise and you will be guided through them by experienced teachers who are trained to make appropriate adjustments for different physiques and for people with specific problems. The classes can be hard work, as the poses involve intense stretching; however, you will leave the class feeling lighter and calmer. The immediate benefits of Yoga are greater flexibility and strength, and better physical health. As you continue with your practice, psychological and spiritual benefits begin to appear.

Be sure to tell your teacher if there is anything they should know about, such as a bad back, stiff shoulders, sore knees etc. All poses can be modified for these conditions and may well help relieve them.

The Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark is a guarantee of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding.

Mailing list

Sign up to the Yoga Group mailing list for information about future classes by sending an email to with the subject: subscribe staff-club-yoga-list
Unsubscribe at any time by emailing with the subject: unsubscribe staff-club-yoga-list

If you have any problems subscribing/unsubscribing, please email and we will add/remove you manually.