Wine Club

Join our friendly group and tickle your tastebuds with your favourite tipple. Taking advantage of a range of wine tasting events available in Bristol, as well as occaisionally commissioning our own, we learn about wine by enjoying it. Discover new varieties, revisit old favourites, or undertstand food and wine pairings- we try and provide a wide range of tastings throughout the year. 

Open to anyone with an interest in wine - no previous knowledge required.

How to join: Please contact Claire Wrixon to be added to the mailing list.

When: Events take place throughout the year and are advertised via the mailing list. 

Where: Brambles Dining Room, Hawthorns

Cost: £15 - £30 per person (depending on the event). Payment will be arranged once you have confirmed your place by contacting Claire Wrixon.

Previous events:

Affordable wines under £10 - Ian Abrahams

At a recent auction, a French Burgundy Domaine de la Romanée-Conti went for $13,061...A bottle! Now I'm sure there aren't many of us who can (or want to) pay that much for a few glasses of wine, yet there is a feeling that to get a good glass of wine you need to pay for it. Despite this a recent Telegraph article reported that more than half of us won't spend over £6 on a bottle. So can you really get a good quality wine for under £10 and how do you know what to look for as you browse the wine aisle at the supermarket for a bargain? This tasting will showcase some excellent, more affordable wines, give you some advice as to what to look out for when buying wine and consider how to get 'bang for your buck' considering how much of the bottle price is actually going towards the quality of the wine in your glass!

Wines of Italy - Will Pooley

The huge diversity and variety of Italian wines guarantee something to please everyone. Between the sweltering climate of Sicily and the much cooler foothills of the Alps, Italy produces wines from over 350 authorised grape varieties, from the delicate white wines of Soave and Marche, to the brooding monsters of Brunello di Montalcino or Amarone di Valpollicella. While we won’t be tasting all 350 varietals, this tasting will be an opportunity to encounter some of the most famous styles of this often confusing diversity, and to discover a little about the major wine regions of Italy.

Australia and New Zealand tasting

With over 1000 miles between the two countries there are bound to be some big differences in the styles of wine, but one thing that is noticeable is their popularity. In this tasting Averys will be highlighting why these two countries have stayed ahead of the crowd with wines like Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Otago Pinot Noir, Eden Valley Riesling and Barossa Shiraz, among others. Expect to taste lots of rich, full-bodied and fruit-driven wines. This is a seated tutored tasting with specially selected cheeses from the Arch House Deli. We'll be tasting 8 different wines throughout the evening and each one will be explained by Avery's wine enthusiast.

Spanish wine and Tapas - Ian Abrahams

Sommelier David Lynch describes the newness of Spanish Wine “A few years ago Spain was all about big reds such as Priorat and Ribera del Duero wines which provided the deep inky color without the price tag of a Napa cabernet. But now Albariño is being taken seriously. Cava receives more respect as many have realized it’s a “champagne-method” sparkler. And lighter reds, especially Galician Mencia based reds, are a must-have’s right now”. And Spanish wines are actually really good, affordable and unlike anything else out there. At this tasting we invite you to taste some exciting wines you may not have come across before and also to bring along your favourite tapas dish (there is a microwave available) to share with others in the group so we can sample some food alongside the wines to get the true Spanish experience!

December Sparkling Wines - Ian Abrahams

With Christmas just around the corner, what better time to think about some Champagne? But does it have to be Champagne? There are so many other sparkling wines to choose from. What about Cava, Prosecco or something from New Zealand? And then there are the English Sparklers that are regularly beating Champagnes in ‘blind’ tastings. And with prices for bubbly ranging from under a tenner to over £100 a bottle, is it worth spending a bit more or are the cheapies really bargains? We’ll try an example of each of these in tonight’s tasting – an evening to set you up for the festive season.