Hadley Centre services

The Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies currently offers the following services:

1. Telephone enquiry line

+44 (0) 117 9546734

The telephone enquiry line is open Monday mornings for advice on what research can tell practitioners about a particular issue. It has been used by social workers preparing court reports or where there are placement decisions to be made. Requests are responded to in writing within two weeks.

2. Information by email

Advice on relevant research is also available by email. Requests are responded to within two weeks. Please email: sps-hadleycentre@bristol.ac.uk.

3. Evaluations

The Centre is available to provide consultation on evaluations of services and projects and are currently undertaking the evaluation of two projects.

4. Social work training and learning

Members teach a permanency module on the post qualifying child care award and contribute to initial social work training, providing this specialism. In addition, we are available to run conferences and seminars in all areas of permanency for children, and are currently involved in several initiatives of this type.

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