Work in progress

Bright Spots - Local Authorities delivering good care experiences for young people who they look after

The aim of the Bright Spots project is to give local authorities a better understanding of the practices that contribute to children and young people flourishing in care.

Kinship care re-visited: Using Census 2011 Microdata to Examine and Map the Extent and Nature of Kinship Care Households in the UK

The main aim of this project is to analyse microdata from the 2011 Census to provide nationally representative, reliable statistics and maps on the distribution and characteristics of kinship care households in the four countries of the UK.

Foster carers: Parenting traumatised children

The main aim of this project is to understand more about foster carers’ experience of compassion fatigue in their care of traumatised children, and what support they find most helpful.


Trove was funded under the AHRC REACT ‘Play Sandbox’ funding stream to bring together academics and the creative industries to design and make new technologically innovative products for children.