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Programme Advisory Groups

The Programme has two Programme Advisory Groups. Each group meets every six months.

The first Advisory Group is of people with learning disabilities; it is supported by Anna Marriott, and includes representatives from the National Forum, Bristol Health Trainers, My Life, My Choice, and Changing our Lives. This group meets before the multidisciplinary Advisory Group and is represented at the multidisciplinary Advisory Group.

The second Advisory Group is a multidisciplinary group: it includes family members and representatives from health, social services and voluntary sector organisations.

Consultative Groups

The Programme Manager will work with ad hoc consultative groups of stakeholders including people with learning disabilities and family members on some of the key tasks, such as:

  • Finalising the programme protocols (to submit for ethics and information governance approval)
  • Developing programme leaflets and promotional materials (including the website)
  • Contributing to the development of guidance for reviewers
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of a communications strategy for the roll-out of the programme
  • Reviewing and maximising the user-friendliness of the web-based process for notifying deaths.

We anticipate holding approximately four consultative groups each year for people with learning disabilities, and four for family members. Regular attendance is not expected at these meetings.

We will advertise these through our contacts list so if family members might be interested in joining one of these groups could they please send us their contact details and we will then send details as the opportunity arises.

Programme Review Panels

There will be two programme review panels. One will be for people with learning disabilities, the second will be a multidisciplinary group of experts including at least two family members. Both review panels will have a training day each year. 

The Review Panel of people with learning disabilities will meet every six months in person. Most of the work of the multidisciplinary review panel will be conducted remotely via a secure web based platform, and will require some work every two to three months. We are looking for two family carers who would be interested in this work.

The role of these review panels will be to scrutinise the circumstances leading to a subsection of deaths that are being examined in more detail.

People with learning disabilities and family members will be reimbursed for the time they contribute and any travel. Some substitute care costs can be covered.

If you are interested in any assisting with the work of the Programme, please send us:

  • your name and contact details (address, email address, phone number plus preferred times and type of contact) and
  • tell us a little about which role you are interested in and why 

Thank you.

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