Priority themed reviews

In addition to the Local Reviews of the deaths of people with learning disabilities, there will be a fuller review of each death that is in the current priority area. In 2016 (Year 1), the Themed Priorities are all deaths of young people aged 18-24 (inclusive) and deaths of people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. These priority reviews have been identified by NHS England following the Confidential Inquiry into premature deaths of people with learning disabilities (CIPOLD)

There will be two review panels for the programme of Themed Priorities. One will be for people with learning disabilities, the second will be a multiagency group of experts and family members. The role of the Review Panels will be to scrutinize completed reports of deaths that are subject to priority themed review and add additional insights or comments as appropriate.

Following training for reviewers the Review Panel of people with learning disabilities will be supported in person to comment on the cases. The multiagency review panel will be supported to work virtually using our secure web based platform to comment on anonymised cases. 

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