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Engaged research

Harry Potter graphic

Fanfiction gets a good reception

22 October 2010

Dr Ika Willis links the worlds of reception theory and popular culture.

Research team

The UK-Africa partnership

14 October 2010

Engaged research fosters a strong UK-Africa partnership.

Working in the lab

Making new connections across disciplines

13 June 2010

As well as inspiring public audiences, public engagement also provides academics with a chance to work with different research colleagues which can lead to new academic collaborations.

Cartoon cows

Taking practical steps with farmers

16 December 2009

Researchers collaborate with farmers to improve dairy cattle welfare.

Talking to a member of the public

Innocence Day 2009

25 November 2009

Legal eagles take to the streets of Bristol.

A computer

Developing and sharing research ideas with communities

2 November 2009

Involving the public makes research more relevant

Deafstation Interpretor

Serving the Deaf Community

29 October 2009

The Centre for Deaf Studies works closely with the Deaf community to create services that benefit all

Robbie Cooper

Sharing volunteering expertise

9 October 2009

Volunteering in the charity sector leads to new ways of working.

Tortoiseshell butterfly

Wildlife detectives

6 September 2009

The first ever Bristol Bioblitz gets local people discovering the amazing plants and creatures on their doorstep.

Hand holding muddy trowel

Back to the Stone Age

26 August 2009

Volunteer archaeologists help explore our distant past at Avebury and Stonehenge.