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We are looking for volunteers to take part in the following experiments:

Our study aims to investigate how activating and inhibiting information in memory plays a role in our decision-making in the workplace, such as making judgements about people’s CV’s. Prize draw to win one of five £20 voucher.
Our study aims to investigate the relationship between certain personality traits and perception. Participants will be reimbursed £5

We are looking for students and staff who might be working at the University of Bristol, or with other employers local to the University precinct, to take part in a short study. We are keen to invite students and staff from several different workplace settings to take part. Prize draw to win £40 voucher
We are conducting a study to assess how social competition can affect mood processing. Participants will be reimbursed a £5 voucher
We are currently recruiting 18-70 year old participants to take part in an experiment exploring snacking and cognition. Participants will be reimbursed £10
Participants needed for study looking into how information is processed on Twitter. Participants will be reimbursed £5 for 40 minutes
This study investigates the way in which the way we memorize particular stimuli. Participants will be reimbursed £7 for 45 minutes
We are currently recruiting participants to take part in an experiment exploring how food choices are made, to better understand people’s food preferences. Participants will be reimbursed £15
We are conducting a pilot study to investigate subjective, physiological, and behavioural measures of stress after exposure to the pheromones. Participants will be reimbursed £10
This study investigates the way in which people who are either monolingual or bilingual are able to switch between tasks. Participants will be reimbursed £5
This study consists of a two-part session, which will last up to 4 hours in total. You will be given a break between the first and second part of the study session. Participants will be reimbursed £10 
We are investigating how people understand and perceive other people's emotions; thus allowing us to learn more about the formation of social impressions of others
This study involves a prime lexical decision task which takes around 20 minutes and offers £5 reimbursement.
To identify the mechanism of interaction you will be given two routinely prescribed medications and a placebo tablet. You would attend a first calibration visit followed by 3 experiment visits, each lasting ~3 hours and would be compensated for your time and expenses up to £100.
The aim of the present study is to assess participants' attention via a series of tasks. Participants will be reimbursed £7.
The purpose of this research is to examine whether there are differences in the use of verbal and visual processing between adults with and without ASC during planning. Participants will be reimbursed £10
This study investigates the way in which individuals remember words. Your task will be to remember a set of words that will be presented to you. We are interested in how many words you can remember during a recall session after the presentation of these words £5 reimbursement.
Mood Following Simple Verbal Tasks 4
This study involves one session lasting 1hr and offers £10 reimbursement.

Blood Pressure Study
In this study, we are looking for people with high blood pressure to take part.


Please be aware that we do not keep contact information for the experiments listed above and we will not be able to contact the researcher on your behalf.

Please also check the Nutrirition and Behaviour Unit studies and the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group studies for further experiments.

We always need volunteers to take part in our studies

Most studies reimburse you for your time. The amount varies depending on the nature of each study and the funding source, so please contact the researcher for details.

Please note there is free parking available for all participants however this does depend on availability, please ask your researcher if you require parking.

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