International Workshop on Writing, Bristol, July 6-7 2017

University of Bristol is delighted to invite international researchers to the second Writing Word(s) Workshop on written production. The ability to write is a fundamental skill in modern societies, and individuals are spending more and more time in a written (rather than spoken) language environment. Psychological research on written production (handwriting, typing, texting) is now booming, with a rising number of publications exploring various mental aspects of orthographic production, and the prospect of major theoretical progress.

The idea for the Writing Word(s) Workshop germinated at the symposium “Studies on handwritten word generation: Which models and methodologies?” at the Writing Research Across Borders (WRAB) conference, Paris, in 2014. Researchers from various countries presented their work and discussed the latest scientific advances on writing. Hence, the idea was born to hold a biennial workshop, dedicated exclusively to the investigation of orthographic language production. The first workshop, WWW2015, was held at Université de Poitiers, France, in July 2015 ( with great success, with approximately 50 attendants and a highly diverse programme.  We hope that you will enjoy the WWW2017 workshop at University of Bristol!


Social Science Complex
University of Bristol,
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Bristol, BS8 1TU