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Green Impact Awards 

The Green Impact scheme launches each autumn, trying to implement change throughout the academic year. This sees staff taking steps to improve sustainability through energy saving, recycling, waste reduction, water saving, procurement, health and wellbeing, biodiversity or transport. 

Print Services have participated over a number of years building on our sucessess year after year, always trying to find new ways to improve our practices and make our impact on the environment a positive one rather than negative. We have received Platinum Awards every year since 2015 also Overall winner 2014-2015 and 2018

Green Impact Awards

In 2019 the University declared a climate emergency. The University of Bristol has committed to taking urgent action to reduce its emmissions of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide. The University has set out to deliver a carbon neutral campus by 2030. Energy saving and resource efficiency will help in this reduction.

Fairtrade Organic Cotton bagWhat we are doing in Print Services


We now hold a stock of University of Bristol branded Fairtrade Organic cotton bags (like the image shown) available at a days notice for events - in keeping with the Universities desire to use fairtrade sustainable products wherever possible. 

These are a quality product which lasts and shows a commitment to everybody's wellbeing througout the supply chain from growers to manufacturers. We can supply bespoke branded Fairtrade Organic cotton bags tailored to the needs of your event. We can custom brand these bags with around 3 weeks notice.

Please contact our bespoke team for more information.


Sustainability is a key part of the University of Bristol's strategy for the future. With this in mind we are looking to make all our products sustainable. We now can offer two sustainable pen options.

Contour and Alaska Eco Ballpens Recycled Recyclable Sustainable Sustainability reuseThe Contour Eco Pen which is made from 76% recycled materials and is recyclable - it still has the large print area available on the barrel for department name UoB logo and or web address. It has a choice of 4 colourful grips with printing along the barrel. We also have the Alaska Eco ballpen made from 100% recyclable materials and is itself also fully recyclable - with a print area on the barrel (far right).

When your plastic recyclable pen is finished it can also be dropped off with us and we will ensure it gets recycled rather than going into landfill. Please contact our bespoke team for more information.

Single use Plastic

Working towards removal of unnessessary single use plastics. To this aim we have been focussing on the plastic covers put onto our bindings and trying to where possible promote the use of biodegradable materials. We now offer recyclable card alternatives that are splash proof as an alternative to a standard PVC sheet. We also ask the most important question of our customers "is the cover needed at all"?

Electric delivery

Nissan EV200 Electric VanWe have also upgraded our fleet of delivery vehicles. We deliver and collect the internal and external mail free of charge to any departmental address within the local University of Bristol precinct. We also deliver to Coombe Dingle Sports Centre and University of Bristol departments based at Southmead Hospital. The majority of our daily deliveries are around the precinct of the University within a 2 miles radius. We wanted a more sustainable fleet rather than the ageing petrol and diesel vehicles which were not ideally suited to short runs stopping and starting every few minutes.

With the emphasis on reducing emmissions to help improve the air quality we currently have two 100% electric Nissan EV200 delivery vans. These produce zero emmissions and have proved to be reliable capable vehicles which can carry all the goods we need to deliver including the heavier bulky items. We have electric charging points locally installed in the adjacent car park