Managing change

How are the Change Management Team supporting us?

 As the HE environment evolves, we continue to face new challenges to the way we work and operate. This includes increasing competition among universities in recruiting students, the need to develop our courses, our teaching spaces and the technology we use to educate. This has knock-on effects for our staff, for both our academic colleagues and those in professional services, as we respond to the need for growth, innovation and modernisation.We recognise that if we are to tackle these challenges head on, we must continue to put people at the heart of change and equip staff with the right tools to manage and thrive in an everchanging climate. 

 The 2018 Staff Survey highlighted frustrations around increased workloads, coupled with significant organisational change. Colleagues need to be clear on what is changing and why, and the part they are to play if they are to embrace new structures, systems and processes.   

The University’s Change Management Team works with staff and managers at all levels who are implementing, or impacted by, significant change to ensure that these changes are successfully received and realised. The team has been providing increased levels of bespoke coaching and advice to leaders and managers seeking help with a specific issue. This work is designed to equip managers with the knowledge and confidence to be able to help their staff understand, cope and help shape major changes that are planned and will affect them. 

For example, when planning for remodelling their Business Improvement Team; Sports, Exercise and Health sought change management support and advice. The Change Manager supported the BI manager to tailor engagement around the new structure to successfully communicate why the change was happening.  With change management support, the team were then able to identify personal and operational challenges that may occur due to the remodeling, and develop action plans to address these issues. 


As well as bespoke advice, the team offers training and coaching for leaders and managers in change management approaches, helps managers to deliver team building days, workshops and away days and facilitates sessions at these events. Over the past two years, over 200 people have attended the one day Managing Change Course and demand is growing. 

Here is some of the feedback from this year’s course:

“I have a much better understanding of how people might react to change in the workplace, and how I might better support them through it.” 

“I will be able to help lead our department through change.” 

“When discussing change with my colleagues, I feel I can empathise with them more.", 

To book a place on the course, please visit the OnCourse booking page



The Change Team continues to support Schools, Faculties, Departments and Divisions. Just some of its current priorities are: 

  • The restructuring of EFiM 
  • The Library Service strategy development and delivery, and preparing for the New Library arrangements 
  • Supporting schools within Life Sciences 
  • Engaging key staff in schools and faculties to prepare for the continuing roll out of SLS 
  • Engaging with staff to build awareness, identify opportunities and potential issues
  • Prepare people for the institution-wide roll out of Windows 10, new Office 365 tools beyond Microsoft Outlook, and the new staff intranet. 
  • Working with the leadership team of the newly created Campus Division (merger of RHS and Estates) to develop a change management and engagement strategy as the new arrangements develop 


For more information about the work of the Change Management Team, or to contact a member of the team for advice or support, click here.  You can also join the Changing TimesYammer group, to find about more about what the Change team does and for useful tools and tips 

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