Understanding successful weight loss maintenance; the role of life events and the development of teachable moments intervention

17 January 2013, 4.00 PM - 17 January 2013, 4.00 PM

Canynge Hall, Room LG.08


Professor Jane Ogden - Health Psychology, University of Surrey


Jane Ogden is a Professor in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey where she carries out research into a number of areas including obesity management, eating behaviour, aspects of women's health and communication. She has authored five books, two of which are on eating behaviour and over 140 academic papers. She is currently managing a trial to improve the effectiveness of bariatric surgery and supervising a number of studies on aspects of eating control.


Obesity is on the increase yet research indicates that weight loss maintenance following self help and structured interventions is rare. Some individuals, however, do lose weight in the longer term and provide us with success stories which can be used to understand this process. This talk will present data from a series of qualitative and quantitative studies that have used success stories to identify the factors which promote successful weight loss and maintenance. In particular, it will highlight the role of key factors including life events, investment, identity and behaviour. In addition, it will present preliminary analysis of a series of studies designed to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions which target these factors as a means to promote weight loss.



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