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New Interdisciplinary ESRC/BBSRC PhD studentship award to study AMR at Bristol

7 February 2017

Walking and working in agricultural environments: Risks for transmission of antimicrobial resistance

A three-year studentship is now available at the University of Bristol through joint funding from ESRC & BBSRC. Applicants with a background in anthropology are strongly encouraged to apply.

The emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become a critical medical and public health issue worldwide, with profound implications for human health, farming and global food security, animal welfare and veterinary medicine. This interdisciplinary project will investigate relationships between countryside walking and possible risks from environmental transmission of AMR, by documenting practices and perceptions relating to walking in agricultural environments among walkers and farmers, while estimating the number of AMR bacteria occurring in these environments. The studentship will be supervised by a social medical anthropologist with co-supervision from a microbiologist and a veterinary scientist. 

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