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University of Bristol are Partners on a new EU Horizon 2020 Grant

2 September 2016

Debbie Lawlor (MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit and School of Social and Community Medicine) is a co-investigator and Work Package Lead on a new Horizon 2020 award: LIFECYCLE. The aim of LIFECYCLE is to establish the EuroCHILD Cohort Network, which will bring together existing, successful pregnancy and child cohorts and biobanks, including the Avon Longitude Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) and Born in Bradford (BiB). LIFECYCLE will use harmonised data from the EuroCHILD Cohort Network to test casual effects of early life stressors, related to socio-economic, migration, urban environment and life-style determinants, on the development of cardio-metabolic, respiratory and mental health trajectories during the full lifecycle. Abigail Fraser, Laura Howe and Kate Tilling are key collaborators from Bristol and Prof Vincent Jaddoe from the Erasmus Medical Centre (the Netherlands) is the overall PI.

The full award is Euros 10 million, which is shared between the 18 partners, with Bristol receiving Euros 764 K.

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