Advanced tools for Nanoscience

Our Advanced Tools for Nanoscience unit provides an introduction to a range of experimental techniques of relevance to research in functional nanomaterials. 

In this unit, practical hands-on training and online learning modules are combined to give an overview to any student wishing to undertake experimental work in the BCFN. Whilst more in-depth training on equipment will be given during the THETA and Extended projects, In this unit, all students will have a strong grounding in the basics of key tools and techniques.

The online modules, have been specifically tailored to the BCFN, are part interactive text book, part virtual laboratory. They include simulated experiments, interactive demonstrations of techniques and directed questions aimed to make students aware of the applications of a range of technologies to the field of nanomaterials.  They provide a method by which complex and delicate pieces of equipment can be explored by linking theory to practice.

The online modules cover a number of areas of BCFN research – from core modules covering how materials assemble, and how the can be measured, to specific modules on, for example, Scanning Probe Microscopy, X-ray Ray Diffraction, Optical Trapping, and Electrochemistry. 

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