75 Years of Penguin Books: An International Multidisciplinary Conference

Penguin founder, Sir Allen LanePenguin founder, Sir Allen Lane

In 2010, Penguin Books will be 75 years old and Puffin Books will be 70 years old. Organised by the AHRC Penguin Archive Project, the International Penguin Conference is occasioned by these two anniversaries of what is arguably the most distinctive and the most significant publishing house in the twentieth century and beyond.

'75 Years of Penguin Books: An International Multidisciplinary Conference' will seek to cover the diversity of Penguin’s publication history. The Penguin Archive itself is held in the Special Collections of the University of Bristol Library and attracts the attention of researchers in many disciplines and fields at national and international level, including historians of the book, biographers, social and political historians, cultural analysts and literary researchers.

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