Conference schedule

Tuesday 29 June

Time Event
10.00am Registration
11.00am Welcome and introduction to Penguin Archive Project 
11.30am Plenary: Professor David Cannadine
12.45pm Lunch
1.45pm Panel: Global Penguin
Panel: Penguin: the Popular Intellectual
3.15pm Panel: The Art of Publishing: Penguin Design
Panel: Society and Specials (to finish at 4.45pm)
4.30pm Tea and coffee
5.15pm Judging A Book By Its Cover: guest lectures on Penguin design
6.30pm Reception

Wednesday 30 June

Time Event
10.00am Panel: Reading Penguin 1 (9.45am start)
Panel: The Visual World
11.15am Tea and coffee
11.45am Plenary: Professor Simon Eliot
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Panel: Penguin Books Q&A
3.15pm Tea and coffee
3.45pm Plenary: Professor Christopher Ricks (finish by 5pm)
7.00pm Gala dinner

Thursday 1 July

Time Event
10.00am Panel: Penguin and the Classics
Panel: Penguin Marketing (9.45am start)
11.15am Tea and coffee
11.45am Panel: Translation and Penguin
Panel: Reading Penguin 2
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Panel: Penguin and the Creation of Modern Children's Literature
3.15pm Tea and coffee
3.45pm Plenary: Professor Kim Reynolds (finish by 5pm)


Tuesday 29 June

Global Penguin

  • Sean Morton - Penguin Books: 75 Years of Publishing the Canon, the Discourses of Modernity and Empire
  • Mr David Robinson - The Contribution of Penguin Books in South African Secondary School Education
  • Dr Robert Skinner - Shaping the 'Attitude to Africa': Penguin Books and Africanist Scholarship in Post-War Britain

Penguin: The Popular Intellectual

  • Dr Sophie Forgan - Splashing About in Popularisation: Penguins, Pelicans and the Common Reader in Mid-20th Century Britain
  • Dr WJ Lyons - The Penguins and the Scrolls: A Relationship in Fragments
  • Ms Rosie Germain - Penguin's Role in the Popularisation of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus in Britain from 1945-1980

The Art of Publishing: Penguin Design

  • Prof Christine Atha - Penguin and the Literature of Design Reform
  • Prof David Ellwood - Behind the Books
  • Dr Andrew Nash - Covering Muriel Spark

Society and Specials

  • Mr Dean Blackburn - Penguin Books and the Road to 1945
  • Prof Patrick Parrinder - A Jar of Honey: HG Wells and Penguin Books, 1935-1946
  • Ms Fiona Courage - Mass-Observing Penguin: Mass Observations's Survey A Report on Penguin World 1947
  • Prof Rosemary Johsen - (Mass)Observing Penguin, Penguins for the Masses

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Wednesday 30 June

Reading Penguin 1

  • Mr George Donaldson - The Penguin English Library: a Really Good Start for the General Reader
  • Prof Andrew Sanders - Hatching Classics: Penguin and the English Canon
  • Dr William May - "How Far Can You Press a Poet?": Audience and Arrangement in Penguin Modern Poets (1962-1979)
  • Dr William Wootten - Penguin Poetry and the Group 

The Visual World

  • Ms Susie Harries - Pevsner and Penguin
  • Prof Charles Lock - Penguin Modern Painters, Englishness and Modern Art
  • Dr Richard MacDonald - Film Appreciation and the Responsibilities of Cultural Privilege: Roger Manvell's Film

Penguin Books Q&A

Various representatives from Penguin Books and its imprints, including Allen Lane Press, will be answering questions posed by the Penguin Archive Project as well as members of the audience.

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Thursday 1 July

Penguin and the Classics

  • Mr Robert Crowe - Translating Titles
  • Dr Amanda Wrigley - Penguin Classics and BBC Radio
  • Prof Brian Arkins - Penguin Translations of Greek and Latin Authors

Penguin Marketing

  • Mr John Hitchin - How Penguin Marketing Began: An Insider's View
  • Ms Linda Hale - Marketing Sonya Hartnett in Australia
  • Ms Shanyn Altman - You Cannot Toppit: Penguin and the Hayseed Chronicles
  • Dr Samantha Rayner - False Colours: Pan, Penguin and the Challenges of Marketing Historical Fiction

Translation and Penguin

  • Dr Tom Boll - "Surrealistically Meaningless": Pablo Neruda and Penguin Books
  • Ms Adrienne Mason - The Early French List in Penguin Classics
  • Prof Patrick Waddington - On the Eve of a Turgenev Revival? Gilbert Gardiner's Penguin Classics Translation and its Impact on Some English Authors

Reading Penguin 2

  • Mr Kristoffer Almlund - The Influence of the Penguin Paratext on the Reading of Novels, 1935-1970
  • Dr Simon Goulding - Before/After Lady Chatterley. The Paperback and the Censor: Penguin, John Lane and the Troubled History of James Hanley's Boy
  • Dr Nicola Wilson - "Proved Winners All, Covering All Tastes": The First Batch and Contemporary Reading Patterns

Penguin and the Creation of Modern Children's Literature

This is a guest panel from the University of Newcastle and Seven Stories, Centre for Children's Books.

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