Open Units

The Open Units Scheme allows some undergraduate students to broaden their studies by taking units in an area outside their main degree subject.

Before arriving

Check the list of programmes (PDF, 49Kb) to see whether you are eligible to take open units during your first year, and the Programme Catalogue to find out how many credit points of open units are included.

Take a look at the Unit Catalogue and think about which open units you would be interested in. Some open units may be oversubscribed or may not fit with your timetable, so make a short-list of your preferred options.

Open units do not generally have any prerequisites and are therefore accessible to all students. However, you are advised to select only units at Level 4 (Certificate level) in your first year. Students are also not normally permitted to take an open unit in a subject in which they are already proficient. Students taking a course with Study in Continental Europe will need to select language units at the appropriate level.

From 20 September

Check your school timetable to find out when your main teaching commitments are and when you might have time to attend open units. Your school may send this to you by post, but provided that you have activated your University computer account you will be able to access your main timetable information online. Compare this with the timetable information for open units (select the View Other Online Timetables option) to see which units are at suitable times.

During Introductory Week

You may wish to consult your home school early in the week before deciding on your choice of open units.

Attend the Open Units Fair to register for, and find out more about, your open units. The fair will be on Tuesday 24 September from 2:30-5pm in the Victoria Rooms. Registration for a unit is on a first come, first served basis. There may be queues to register at peak times, and some open units may be oversubscribed, so do draw up a list of a few possible units in case your first choice is full.

Further information

More about the Open Units Scheme from the Education Support Unit.