Introductory Week

What is Introductory Week?

Introductory Week (sometimes known as Freshers’ Week) is a time for academic preparation and acclimatisation. No formal teaching takes place during Introductory Week, and you will have time to:

Teaching starts on Monday 30 September, and we hope that by the end of Introductory Week you will be well prepared, and ready to embark on your studies.

Introductory Week activities

The main administrative tasks you will need to complete are:

There will be welcome and induction events organised by:

In addition, there will be specific events for international students  (PDF, 1MB) and for mature students (those aged 21 or over).

Introductory Week timetables

Introductory Week timetables are issued by academic schools/departments in September. Each timetable sets out all the activities that you need to attend. There is a separate timetable for each programme of study (or group of programmes).

You can download your programme-specific Introductory Week timetable from the listing page.

Social events

Numerous social events and activities will take place throughout Introductory Week. For sources of information please consult: