Andrew Crawford

What motivated you to come to Bristol and do this programme?

Having previously worked in labs helping to collect biological data, the one-plus-three year structure of programme provided me with the opportunity to gain the necessary skills before undertaking this PhD.

What is the key research question of your PhD research project and what have you found out so far?

My PhD is looking at whether genetic markers are capable of predicting who will respond badly to antidepressant medication. I have identified specific genetic variants associated with antidepressant-induced adverse effects, however validation of these markers in independent samples is required.

Where do you think your research could lead and what are your future career plans now?

The ultimate aim is to determine whether genetic markers can improve selection of antidepressant medication to reduce the risk of patients reporting adverse effects. After I complete my PhD I’m looking to pursue a career in academia – hopefully examining whether genetic and biological markers can improve our understanding of various disorders.

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