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The idea, and format and structure of this course was developed by me (Dr Andrew Wills -email: Unless specified below, you can assume that I developed the educational material on this site. You are free to use any of the materials I developed for educational purposes but please acknowledge me if doing so. If you wish to use or reproduce any of the materials on these web pages for any reason other than educational purposes, then please contact me. 

The following is a list of people that have contributed to the educational content in these webpages and the components that they have contributed to: 

  • Dr Katie Pike (e-lecture:Introduction to regression)
  • Dr Chris Penfold (e-lecture:Introduction to meta-analysis)
  • Ms Rachel Perry (e-lecture: Introduction to Systematic reviews)

Any wish to use the materials developed by these individuals should be directed to them. Their email addresses can be easily looked up on the internet.

Some of the "test yourself" questions come from other sources, in particular from books in the reading list. I will formally acknowledge these sources soon.  

James Lepoittevin assembled and built most of these web pages.