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Central Limit Theorem in practice: single means and proportions

Learning outcomes

On watching this video, students should be able to:

  1. State the basic form of a confidence interval:  point estimate ± confidence coefficient*standard error
  2. Differentiate between a standard error and a standard deviation, and a reference range and a confidence interval
  3. State the basic structure and steps of a hypothesis test
  4. Write down the basic form of a test statistic:  (point estimate-null value)/standard error
  5. Identify when to use a one sample test.
  6. List the conditions when we can use the normal approximation for a sample mean and a proportion.
  7. Calculate a confidence interval for a mean and proportion using the normal approximation.
  8. Undertake a hypothesis test using the normal approximation for a mean and proportion.
  9. Illustrate the calculation of a two-sided p-value using with a sketch of the normal distribution and values of the test statistic.