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Management’s Professor Dale Southerton appointed to Climate Assembly UK panel

10 January 2020

Climate Assembly UK was commissioned by the House of Commons in response to the Government’s commitment to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The Assembly panel, announced Thursday 9th January, includes an extensive team of climate specialists, business leaders, constitutional and economic experts and civil society organisations to ensure it is balanced, accurate and comprehensive.

Professor Dale Southerton brings to the panel a strong background in sustainable consumption and environmental research. As the current Acting Director of the Cabot Institute for the Environment, his research focuses on the study of consumption, its role in organising everyday lives and its significance in processes of societal change.

After their initial meeting in January, Climate Assembly UK will have three further weekend meetings before the end of March. The 110 assembly members will consider how net zero can be achieved by 2050 and make recommendations on what the Government, businesses, the public and wider UK society should do to reduce carbon emissions.

Members of the Assembly will consider a range of climate-focused topics including transport, energy use in the home, agriculture and consumer choices.

Dale Southerton, Professor of Consumption and Organisation, said: “The University of Bristol was the first university in the UK to declare a climate emergency, where we are leading the way with achieving net zero by 2030.

“This means we can offer advice to the government based on our own carbon-cutting experiences and can also utilise the collective knowledge of our academics at the Cabot Institute for the Environment who are working at the forefront of climate change research.”

Also joining Dale on the panel will be Dr Jo House, research lead of the Cabot Institute for the Environment’s Environmental Change Theme.  

Climate Assembly UK will meet for its first weekend on Friday 24 January.

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The Department of Management at the University of Bristol offers a wide range of Postgraduate taught and research courses including units on sustainability and consumption.

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