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Management is continuing its period of exciting growth as we transitioned into a new School, in August 2020. Our staff are high-calibre, original thinkers and innovators who want to change the world through their teaching and research.

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About The School of Management

The University of Bristol School of Management’s vision is to "Empower leadership for a sustainable, inclusive and prosperous world through a progressive understanding of management and organisation in alliance with business, government and society."

Its mission is to "Inspire the next generation of global citizens and leaders to address the grand societal changes of our time."

We recognise the importance of being a global-civic school within the community of internationally leading business and management schools. Our focus on the most pressing global and societal challenges forces us to be critically reflective, evidence based and analytical in service to a progressive understanding of management and organisations.

We consider ourselves to be pluralistic and host many areas of academic expertise and excellence.  As a social science-based school committed to inclusive inquiry in our approach to research, we're respectful of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science in developing novel insights.

Our direction of travel is winning the hearts and minds of a new generation of scholars willing to imagine alternative futures that privilege efforts to live within planetary constraints, ensure social justice and avert existential risks to humanity and all nature.

We are seeking a new generation of scholars who are willing to lead positive societal change as intellectuals, educators and activists.

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Our ambition is to tackle the global and societal challenges of our time through excellence in research and teaching. We are a pluralistic school that values an inclusive approach to research – engaging academics from different disciplines and external partners with the highest levels of professional respect for alternative world views. We are critically reflective, analytical and evidence informed about the changes driven by globalisation, governance, entrepreneurialism, digital innovation and sustainability. With our knowledge, we seek to make positive impact in the world.

Professor Palie Smart, Head of School

The interdisciplinary approach at the School is incredibly useful in my own research – colleagues from across the University are within arm’s reach, and keen to collaborate on research projects. That’s not something many other universities can offer, and really gives us a rich resource for innovative and insightful research

Professor Andrew Sturdy, Professor in Management

There’s a real community of academics who are serious about research that makes a difference at our School - delivering first class education to students and working collaboratively towards answers to some of today’s big questions.

Professor Agnes Nairn, Professor in Marketing
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