Strategy, International Management & Business, and Entrepreneurship

Strategy, International Management & Business, and Entrepreneurship

Addressing challenges faced by international businesses, our group focuses on gaining and sharing knowledge of business strategy and how this is impacted by social, political and economic factors both globally and on a national level.

We research a diverse range of issues within international business including:

  • strategy, organisational values and identity;
  • practice-based thinking and practice ontology; 
  • the use of historical analysis for strategy,
  • management and organisation studies;
  • business and development in sub-Saharan Africa;
  • changes in labour and employment;
  • global commodity chains and transnational corporations;
  • the rise of global managerialism;
  • the financialization of management;
  • the transformation and internationalization of global professional service firms.

Research is currently undertaken in Europe, North America, South-East and East Asia and the global South.

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