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The Faculty of Life Sciences understands the importance of young people being able to develop their skills in the work place whilst learning more about different university subject areas to know what might interest them the most.  

In order to support this, we offer two different work experience programmes in the School of Biological Sciences and Biochemistry to Year 12 and Year 10 students respectively.   

Both weeks are lab-based experiences undertaking scientific experiments involving data collection, analysis and presentation. The Yr10 week will be led by a Biochemistry academic and involves looking at the molecular structure of human cells and performing a variety of biochemical techniques and microscope work.  The physical Yr12 week is based in the Biological Sciences dept and will involve nematode fieldwork and research.   

The work experience week is designed to allow all students to build their self-confidence, immerse themselves in a scientific environment and gain a better understanding of what science skills, courses and careers there are.   

The dates for the Yr12 Biological Sciences week are 20th to 24th June 2022 – All places are now taken and the application process has closed 

The dates for the Yr10 Biochemistry week are the 4th to 8th July 2022 - All places are now taken and the application process has closed 

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Please go to to see which other university departments offer work experience opportunities.   

Some work experience opportunities within the other Life Science Schools are offered on an ad hoc, individual basis depending on the availability of staff at different times of year. If you are interested in a specific subject/research area then please send an email to the individual school offices.  If an opportunity arises then you will be informed but please be aware that many requests are received each year so not all will be successful or responded to.       

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