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Research Equipment Support Team

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The Research Equipment Support Team (REST) in Research IT is led by Chris Hawkins, with deputy cover from Dr Duncan Baldwin, and is staffed by a rotating pool of IT specialists drawn from across IT Services Service Delivery (i.e. the Zones). The REST members are core-funded as part of IT Services and the team is matrix managed by Research IT and Service Delivery.


Research equipment is specialist IT hardware and its associated software that supports research. Examples of such equipment can be found in every Faculty and every Zone across the University. The team was established as part of Research IT to meet two high-level objectives:

  1. Identify and exploit opportunities to share best practice and "best of breed" solutions across Zones;

  2. Increase the capacity of IT Services to support researchers' necessarily diverse specialist equipment needs while avoiding single points of failure.

On a day-to-day basis the team therefore operates at two levels: pro-actively addressing 1 as an ongoing programme of small projects; and reactively addressing 2 by collectively responding to specific requests for specialist research equipment support from researchers across all Zones.