Strengthening the Electron Microscopy core in Bristol


Mrs Judith Mantell, Research Assistant, School of Biochemistry / Wolfson Bioimaging Facility

Dr. Paul Verkade, Reader in Cell Biology, Schools of Biochemistry and Physiology & Pharmacology, Head of the EM unit of the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility

Electron Microscopy (EM) is a vital imaging and analysis technique used in many disciplines throughout the University. The aim of the workshops is to provide a central platform where all Bristol Electron Microscopists can meet, share and develop our knowledge.

The Electron Microscopes (EMs), found within the University, exist as both isolated departmental instruments and centralised EM units or Imaging and Analysis centres. As they serve such different disciplines such as Mechanical and Aerospace engineering or the physical and (bio)medical sciences the configuration of the microscopes varies extensively. The people responsible for these instruments range from technicians to professors, who may equally be working in isolation or groups. The equipment varies in age and use, but we suspect that about every electron optical technique and application is doable somewhere within the university at some level, but do we really know where all the instruments are or understand what each other do? Some units have highly developed web pages, detailing the equipment available and booking systems etc, while other instruments serve one department.

The purposes of the workshops are to develop:

The new focus developed in this series of workshops will provide a platform for the development of collaborative equipment bids. The first two workshops are organised as follows:

Workshop 1: Knowledge sharing. Get to know each other.

10.00-13.30, 25 January 2012, Verdon Smith Room, Royal Fort House, IAS
An overview of every EM facility within the University: equipment; expertise; available techniques and aspirations. Tour of the Wolson Bioimaging Facility

Workshop 2:  “I didn’t know you could do that, but I’d also like to do this!” 

10:00-13:00, 23 April 2012, Verdon Smith Room, Royal Fort House, IAS

A showcase of research examples that inform, entertain and educate.
Group discussion for future collaborative projects, equipment bids, and future meetings

Workshop 3: Electron Microscopy in Earth Sciences

10.30-13.30, 23 July 2013, Earth Sciences Electron Microscopy Unit

Guest speaker: Jon Wade (Element Six), 'The Importance of Secondary Fluorescence in EPMA'


For more information, or to attend any of the workshops in this series, please contact Judith Mantell