IRIS Awardees 2018


 Faculty of Arts

NameDepartmentProject TitlePoster Departmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Tesni Beautyman Russian

Female Sickness, Sex, and Space in the Russian Silver Age.

  Dr Ruth Coates

Dr Victoria Bates


Sarah Cooper Music Sexual Violence on the Operatic Stage.   Professor Sarah Hibberd

Dr Elaine McGirr


Alice Greswold Classics

To examine the psychological interest of persons towards morally and aesthetically disgusting aspects
of Classical literature.

  Dr Ellen O'Gorman

Dr Justin Park

Experimental Psychology

Elana Kaushal Philosophy

What is the moral significance of having robots display empathetic behaviour in the absence of empathy? 

  Professor James Ladyman

Dr Ute Leonards

Experimental Psychology

Bethany Mulley Music

A tool to enhance intellectual ability.

  Professor John Pickard

Professor Bruce Hood

Experimental Psychology

Zack Murrell-Dowson Philosophy & Physics

Trans liberation and the dissolution of gender: Unifying struggles using social reproduction theory?

  Dr Seiriol Morgan

Dr Katie Cruz


Michael Natzler Classics

Old Tragedy and Chekhovian drama: Influence, Synergy and Tragic Theory.

  Dr Emma Cole

Connor Doak


Faculty of Life Sciences

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Robert Alexander Pathology & Microbiology Bacterial concentration using a characterised magnetic ferritin   Dr Jim Spencer

Dr Annela Seddon


William James Deakin Biological Sciences Echo generation of wing veins for acoustic leaf camouflage   Dr Marc Holdenried

Dr Shu Hui Yao

School of Education

Dunia Gonzales Biological Sciences Do stripes protect zebras from biting flies?   Dr Martin How

Dr Nick Scott-Samuel

Experimental Psychology

Iona Haines Biology Consequences of between‐group conflict for mother–child interactions   Professor Andy Radford

Rebecca Pearson

Population Health Science

 Annabelle Harte  Biochemistry Investigating the effect of changes in the mechanical properties of the nuclear lamina on gene expression and chromatin organisation.     Dr Fabio Parmeggiani

Dr Abderrahmane Kaidi 

Cellular & Molecular BiMedicine

James Hepworth Biological Sciences The role of colour and electric cues in decision‐making by bumblebee – a field experimental approach   Professor Daniel Robret

Michael Mendl

Vet Science

Jason Ho Psychology Semantic cognition in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders; an exploratory case series analysis   Dr Josie Briscoe


Dr Shu Hui Yao


School of Education


Ffion Jones Biochemistry Opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore triggers cardiac arrhythmias in sudden cardiac death.   Professor Andrew Halestrap

Dr Andrew James

Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience

Emily Jowett Psychology Investigating children’s experiences of two reading interventions   Professor Jeffrey Bowers

Dr Jo Rose

School of Education

Cameron Matthews Biology Technique development for creating in‐silico and in‐vivo minimal genomes.   Professor Claire Grieson

Dr Lucia Marucci

Engineering Mathematics

Perianen (Krishna) Ramasawmy Neuroscience Can Resting state fMRI data  predict subject group and the level of perceived pain relief in healthy individuals and fibromyalgia patients?    Dr Jonathan Brooks

Dr Conor Houghton


Summer Sharkey Experimental Psychology Making security a top priority: Exploring different forms of data to understand what makes online security a high priority for users   Dr Emma Williams

Professor Awais Rashid

Computer Science

Oliver Soutar Biology GPS tracking of urban gulls and the effect of human activities on habitat use   Dr Shane Windsor

Professor Jane Memmott and Dr Marc Holderied

Biological Sciences

Emma Walton Neuroscience Investigating the effect of sleep deprivation in prison on detainees’ memory consolidation and mental wellbeing.   Professor Matt Jones

Ms Christina Pantazis

Policy Studies

Faculty of Engineering

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Christine Braganza Mechanical Engineering Soft and smart conformable urinal for functional incontinence in women.   Dr Andrew Conn

Professor Marcus Drake

Clinical Sciences

Bianca Erwee Aerospace Engineering A Novel Fibre Reclamation Process for CFRPs using Biotechnology: A study of the Biodegradability of Polymer Matrices.   Dr Marco Luigi Longana

Professor Richard Wall

Biological Sciences

Harshinee Goordoyal Mechanical Engineering The influence of aortic morphology on pressure drop and pressure recovery across aortic coarctation.   Dr Alberto Gambaruto

Dr Giovanni Biglino

Bristol Heart Institute

Aimira Kazybayeva Mechanical Engineering Accelerated thermal cycling of phase change materials (PCM).   Dr Mike Tierney

Professor Walther Schwarzacher


Christian Marchington Engineering Design Damage Detection in Wind Turbine Structures using Computer Vision and Machine Learning   Professor Majid Mirmehdi

Dr Paul Harper

Aerospace Engineering

 Emma Milner Engineering Design  The role of storms in marine biogeochemical cycling off Southwest Greenland.    Dr Paul Harper 

Dr Katharine Hendry

Earth Science

Vedika Pandya Mechanical Engineering Mechanical design for a particle physics tracking detector.   Dr Mathew Peel

Professor Joel Goldstein


Faculty of Health Sciences

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Max Brzezicki Medicine Using Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Neurosciences.   Miss Sandra Neumann

Simon Price

Computer Science

Georgina Burton Dentistry Raman spectroscopy a novel method of oral cancer diagnosis, a feasibility study   Professor Nicola West

Dr John Day


Amelia Cameron Vet Sciences Does the dog‐owner relationship influence the way owners manage problematic behaviour in their dogs?   Dr Emily Blackwell

Dr Emma Williams

Experimental Psychology

Laura Holloway Cellular and Molecular Medecine Investigation into antimicrobial resistance in wound infections in dogs and cats through the use of a large scale electronic diagnostic data.    Dr Mickey Tivers

Professor Andrew Dowsey

Population Health Science

Mona Kou Medical Microbiology  Follow up study: Does high bone mass predispose to joint pain and limitation in skeletal functional?   Dr Celia Gregson 

Miss April Hartley

Population Health Science 

Sophie Latta Medicine The Scales of Lady Justice: Judicial Approaches to ‘Best Interests’ Decisions in the Cases of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans.   Dr Jon Ives & Dr Giles Birchley

Dr Sheelagh McGuinness


Francesca Pells Johansen Health Sciences Factors influencing behavioural management of dogs in different situations   Dr Emily Blackwell


Dr Emma Williams


Experimental Psychology


Faculty of Science

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Matt Alderton Physics Establishing the recent susceptibility test based on bacterial fluctuations for real world pathogens to human population.   Dr Massimo Antognozzi

Dr Darryl Hill

Cellular & Molecular Medicine

Yasmin Al-Ghabra Economics What were the causes and consequences of the Syrian Civil War (2011-present)?   Dr Christoph Koenig

Dr Sean Fox

Geographical Sciences

Molly Allington Chemistry Temperature responsive films to protect greenhouse crops.   Dr Jeroen van Duijneveldt

Dr Sara Correia Correira

Cellular & Molecular Medicine

Benjamin Arayathel Mathematics Experimental investigation of the electromechanical properties of spider silk in relation to ballooning behaviour   Dr Isaac Chenchiah


Professor Daniel Robert


Biological Sciences


Joe Bannister Politics & International Relations ‘How to understand the humanitarian crisis of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’.   Dr Jon Fox

Dr Sumita Mukherjee


Charles Barker Mathematics Collective decision-making   Dr Ayalvadi Ganesh

Professor Jonathan Lawry

Computer Science

Henry Caldora Chemistry Investigation of the use of 3D printing for organic electrochemical synthesis   Dr Alaistair Lennox

Dr Adam Perriman

Cellular & Molecular Medicine

Clodagh Chapman Geographical Sciences Using Theatre Practice‐as‐Research to Explore Section 28.   Dr Andrew Lapworth

Dr Paul Clarke


Freya Corner Geography To what extent can geography as a discourse facilitate law’s conceptualization of space?   Dr Nina Williams

Professor Antonia Layard


Hemant Hari Physics Using Machine Learning methods to determine galaxy cluster properties from X-ray spectral data   Dr Andrew Young

Dr Dima Damen

Computer Science

Syed Akbar Hussain Physics Multi‐transducer arrays for manipulation and ordered fabrication of materials on the micron scale.   Dr Adrian Barnes

Professor Bruce Drinkwater


Isobel Douglas Chemistry Conducting 3D research at the interface!    Professor Charl Faul

Professor Jonathan Rossiter


Yiwei Gong Economics & Mathematics Using Wisdom of the Crowd to Detect Fake News   Dr Patrick Rubin-Delanchy

Dr Daniel Martin


Tom Kibblewhite Earth Sciences A biogeochemical model for CO2 sequestration in the hydromagnesite playas of Atlin, British Columbia, Canada.   Professor Fiona Whitaker

Dr Jens Holtvoeth


Christopher Koido-Bunt Geography Quantitatively tracking rates of linguistic evolution over space with respect to geographic and historical predictors of phylogenetic linguistic traits in Europe, using multiple-criterion analyses within a Geographic Information System (GIS).   Mr Edward Thomas

Professor Fiona Jordan

Archaeology & Anthropology

Gabriel Krenzer Chemical Physics First principles calculations and synthesis of a novel half-metallic antiferromagnetic material.   Dr Simon Hall

Dr Martin Gradhand


Christina Last Geography Multilevel modelling of Job Accessibility in Los Angeles County based on block-group Socio-Economic data.   Professor Kelvin Jones

Professor Konstadinos Goulias

University of California, Santa Barbara

Jen Ning Lim Computer Science A Likelihood Free Approach to Probabilistic PCA for Biological Feature Selection.   Dr Song Liu

Professor Mark Beaumont

Biological Sciences

Miles Mountney Mathematics Using probabilistic methods to model open quantum systems.   Dr Roman Schubert

Professor Fred Manby


Aidan McFord Chemistry Bio-inspired probes for the development of antimicrobials.   Professor M Carmen Galan

Dr Jim Spencer

Biomedical Sciences

Yunzhu Mu Mathematics  Transformation of Music Intervals in Pre-Baroque Era: A Mathematical Approach.    Dr John Mackay 

Dr Peter Scott


Oliver Parker Geography Antarctic History and Environmental Change: Using Antarctic History to Inform Scientific Research in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.   Professor Alexandre Anesio

Dr Adrian Howkins


Nikos Papanikolaou Physics A Polluted Star and the Death of a Solar System   Dr Zoe Leinhardt

Professor Tim Elliott

Earth Science

Hugo Rossignol Chemical Physics First principles calculations and synthesis of a novel half-metallic antiferromagnetic material   Dr Simon Hall

Dr Martin Gradhand


Ekta Shah Chemistry Facile Fabrication of Multifunctional ZnO Urchins for Antibacterial Coating Applications   Dr Wuge Briscoe

Professor Bo Su

Dental School

Phooi Yee Tang Chemistry Melting glaciers and marine primary production at Greenland coast   Dr Jens Holtvoeth

Mr Hong Chin Ng

Earth Sciences

Matthew Thomas Mathematics Modelling the electromechanical properties of spider silk in relation to ballooning behaviour  

Dr Isaac Chenchiah

Professor Daniel Robert

Biological Sciences

Jake Turley Mathematics Coarse-grained Models for Wound Healing.  

Professor Tannie Liverpool/
Dr Isaac Chenchiah

Professor Paul Martin/
Dr Helen Weavers


Christina Vivian Physics Cuticular pits in insects and their putative electroreceptive function.  

Dr Henkjan Gersen & Dr Neil Fox

Professor Daniel Robert

Stanley Tze Hou Yip Geology A satellite view of active volcanoes in South-East Asia.   Dr Juliet Biggs

Professor David Bull

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
 Trystan Cullinan Politics and International Relations  Situating local fishers within the securitization of the Western Indian Ocean.    Professor Timothy Edmunds 

Dr Sofia Galani

Law School 

Prarthana Kirshnan Law ‘Automatic victim belief’ in sexual assault cases: Implications for the rule of law and gender   Dr Shreya Atrey

Professor Terrell Carver


Oluwaseun Matiluko Law Manifestations of feminism in Afrofuturist Film   Dr Foluke Adebisi

Dr Madhu Krishnan


Isha Negi Politics and International Relations  Climate-change induced migration in South Asia and the resulting potential for ethnic conflict.   Dr Andrew Wyatt

Dr Mark Jackson

Geographical Sciences

Neve Thomas Law What rights does and should a 15‐year‐old have?   Professor Lois Bibbings

Professor Richard Huxtable

Centre for Ethics in Medicine

Shengyu (Ada) Zhao Sociology and Social Policy The Ethical and Social Implication of Voluntary Refusal of Food and Fluid (VRFF) in End‐of‐life Care.   Ms Ailsa Cameron

Professor Richard Huxtable

Centre for Ethics in Medicine