IRIS Awardees 2017

Faculty of Arts

NameDepartmentProject Title Departmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Jack Sear English Exploring shipwrecks j-sear (PDF, 413kB) Dr Laurence Publicover

Professor Mark Horton

Archaeology and Anthropology

Jonathan de Oliveira History Optogenetics; engineering E-Coli bristol-igem (PDF, 545kB) Dr William Pooley

Dr Ross Anderson


Ellie Smith History of Art Xenophobia and interracial Painting in the 20th century e-smith (PDF, 647kB) Dr Dorothy Price

Dr Susan Quadflieg

Experimental Psychology

Julia O'Driscoll Liberal Arts

Empowerment, objectification and spectacularization of refugees in art


Dr Grace Brockington

Dr Mark Jackson

Geographical Sciences

Victoria Turner Religion and Theology

Does commitment to extra-curricular activity increase motivation and success for young people at school

v-turner (PDF, 359kB)

Professor Gavin D'Costa

Dr Janet Orchard

Graduate School of Education

Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Sarah Cooke Biochemistry Optogenetics; engineering E-Coli bristol-igem (PDF, 545kB) Dr Ross Anderson

Professor Claire Grierson

Biological Sciences

Ben Hardy Biochemistry Optogenetics; engineering E-Coli bristol-igem (PDF, 545kB) Dr Paul Curnow

Dr Lucia Marucci

Engineering Mathematics

Hengwei Zhu Neuroscience Does the Locus coeruleus release dopamine and/or noradrenaline within the hippocampus? h-zhu (PDF, 436kB) Dr Anthony Pickering

Dr Rosalyn Moran

Experimental Psychology

Faculty of Engineering

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Ted Cross Civil Engineering Fracking, human induced earthquakes, structure of buildings t-cross (PDF, 1,885kB) Dr Flavia de Luca

Dr Maximilian Werner

Earth Sciences

Frank Zhang Mechanical Engineering Numerical study of phase change material (PCM) used in thermal applications f-zhang (PDF, 355kB) Dr Hind Saidani-Scott

Professor Neil Allan


Faculty of Health Sciences

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Kinita Patel Dentistry Development of sustained efficacy chlorhexidine (SECHX) as a treatment for periodontitis k-patel (PDF, 419kB) Michele Barbour & Sarah Garner

Dr Jeroen Van Duijneveldt


Faculty of Science

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Sverre Tunstad Biology How wax creates iridescens in cerinthe major s-tunstad (PDF, 1,232kB) Dr Heather Whitney

Dr Ruth Oulton


Sheena Ramgulam Earth Sciences Investigation of phosphorus in soil to promote sustainable development in China s-ramgulam (PDF, 380kB) Dr Heather Buss

Professor Penny Johnes

Geographical Sciences

Yu Cong Environmental Geoscience Acidity, fluid mixing, bacterial respiration, redox processes in heliothermic lakes y-cong (PDF, 745kB) Dr Fiona Whitaker

Professor Alexandre Anesio

Geographical Sciences

Clara Bradley Physics

Providing a mathematical model of weak measurement in the path-integral formulation of quantum mechanics

c-bradley (PDF, 658kB)

Professor James Ladyman

Professor Mark Dennis


Max Kloucek Physics

Measurements on levitated ferrofluid droplets

m-kloucek (PDF, 701kB)

Dr Adrian Barnes

Professor Bruce Drinkwater


Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Nikita Manuylov Economics The impact of the National Living Wage on the employment of vulnerable groups of workers n-manuylov (PDF, 496kB) Dr Luis Correia

Dr Eldin Fahmy

Policy Studies

Lucy Moor SPAIS Education and tolerance/socially liberal values using the European Social Survey l-moor (PDF, 237kB) Ms Paula Surridge

Shelley Mckeown Jones


Harry Drake SPAIS Individual and area-level effects of education on populism h-drake (PDF, 256kB) Ms Paula Surridge

Dr Malcolm Fairbrother

Geographical Sciences