IRIS Awardees 2015

The following 17 students were awarded a University Research Committee Interdisciplinary Research Internship for summer 2015:

Faculty of Arts

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Alexander Bonham Philosophy Tracking Representationalism, Pain and Painfulness  a-bonham (PDF, 61kB) Professor Havi Carel

Dr Jonathan Brooks

Experimental Psychology

Chloe McLellan Philosophy Socialism through the lens of Alasdair MacIntyre: Post-war Labour Party and Blue Labour  c-mclellan (PDF, 145kB) Dr Joanna Burch-Brown

Professor Mark Wickham-Jones

Sociology, Politics & International Studies

 Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Hannah Knight Physiology and Pharmacology

Investigating the role of affective biases in depression and venlafaxine treatment in mice using conditioned place preference tests

 h-knight (PDF, 106kB) Dr Emma Robinson

Dr Marcus Munafò

Experimental Psychology

Galina Strelko Physiology and Pharmacology Retrograde jugular venous flow in hypertensive humans: a risk factor for cerebral disease?  g-streiko (PDF, 108kB) Dr Emma Hart

Dr Jon Brookes

Experimental Psychology

 Faculty of Engineering

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Elliott Scott Aerospace Engineering Bats and their Sonar Red Carpets  e-scott (PDF, 1,704kB) Dr Shane Windsor

Dr Marc Holderied

Biological Sciences

Ignacio Hernandez Arroyo Aerospace Engineering University of Bristol Satellite Programme Internship  i-h-arroyo (PDF, 473kB)

Dr Lucy Berthoud and Dr Mark Schenk

Dr Matt Watson, Earth Sciences
Casey Shepeard Civil Engineering Detail vs. Volume: Simulating Slope Stability  c-shepeard (PDF, 83kB) Dr Paul Vardenega

Dr Katerina Michaelides

Geographical Sciences

Hazel Doughty Computer Science Automatic analysis of floor patterns and walking trends in public spaces  h-doughty (PDF, 312kB) Dr Dima Aldamen

Dr Ute Leonards

Experimental Psychology

Jack Pearson  Engineering Mathematics     Dr Richard Trask, Aerospace Engineering

Dr Nicholas Roberts, Biological Sciences

Dr Annela Seddon, Physics

Faculty of Health Sciences

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
 Louisa Saunders Veterinary Sciences The effect of carbapenem resistance genes, NDM-1 and IMP-1 on bovine Escherichia coli  l-saunders (PDF, 67kB) Dr Kristen Reyher

Dr Matthew Avison

Celluar and Molecular Medicine

Faculty of Science

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Madeleine Lafrate Chemistry Nanoparticle seeded scaffolds for bone tissue engineering  m-lafrate (PDF, 386kB) Dr Sean Davis

Professor Ashley Brom

Clinical Sciences

Isabel Wiltshire Chemistry
A Historical and Chemical analysis of a Victorian medicine cabinet
 i-wiltshire (PDF, 703kB) Dr Jenny Slaughter

Dr Victoria Bates


Ana Maria Rubio Denniss Physics Towards Resolving the R-loop Involved in Mitochondrial Replication Initiation  rubio-denniss (PDF, 387kB) Dr Massimo Antognozzi

Professor Mark Szczelkun


Henry Stanford Physics Time-travelling in NonequilibriumGlassformingMaterials  h-stanford (PDF, 287kB) Dr Paddy Royall

Professor Tanniemola Liverpool


Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Alexander Latham Biological Sciences Top-Down Vulnerability –The effect of Governance on Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa  a-latham (PDF, 218kB) Professor Richard Wall

Dr Adrian Flint

Sociology, Politics & International Studies

Megan Davies Sociology, Politics & International Studies Reading and addiction recovery –The Domino Effect Project  m-davies (PDF, 149kB) Dr Will Atkinson Mr Tom Sperlinger