IRIS Awardees 2016

The following 23 students were awarded a University Research Committee Interdisciplinary Research Internship for summer 2016:

Faculty of Arts

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
George Soothill Archaeology and Anthropology Teachers’ Experiences of Transgender Issues in Schools g-soothill (PDF, 94kB) Dr Mwenza Blell

Dr Janet Orchard

Graduate School of Education

Faith Douglas English Literature Is psychological state a key factor to character identification? f-douglas (PDF, 63kB) Dr John Lee

Dr Justin Park

Experimental Psychology

Tomos Holmes Davies History Monsoon Patterns and Social Instability in the British Raj, 1900 to 1940 t-holmes-davies (PDF, 604kB) Dr Daniel Haines

Professor Paul Valdes

Geographical Sciences

Adam Coffee Philosophy

The Focus of Conservation

a-coffee (PDF, 109kB)

Dr Joanna Burch-Brown

Professor Jane Memmott

Biological Science

Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Stefan Rollnick Biochemistry Synthetic Biology: New frontiers for science communication s-rollnick (PDF, 312kB) Dr Paul Race

Dr Maria Fannin

Geographical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Orsolya Lukacs-Kisbandi Computer Science Remote Anxiety Detection o-lukacs-kisbandi (PDF, 308kB) Dr Dima Damen

Dr Angela Attwood

Experimental Psychology

Abanoub Ghobrial Mechanical Engineering Acoustic Levitation using Metamaterials a-ghobrial (PDF, 408kB) Professor Bruce Drinkwater

Dr Paul Croxford

Mechanical Engineering

Zinnia Siddiqi Mechanical Engineering Phase Change Material used in window blinds for energy storage z-siddiqi (PDF, 252kB) Dr Hind Saidani-Scott

Professor David Sherman

Earth Sciences

Harry Whiskard Mechanical Engineering

Development of a Photosphere-Based System for BIM

h-whiskard (PDF, 340kB)

Professor Ben Hicks

Dr Peter Bennett

Mechanical Engineering

 Faculty of Health Sciences 

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Alexander Chan Veterinary Science Kinematic characterisation of locomotor recovery in dogs with acute spinal cord injury a-chan (PDF, 217kB) Dr Nicholas Granger

Dr Jeremy Burn


Elkie Hector Veterinary Science Death on the steppe – the mystery of the saiga die-off e-hector (PDF, 188kB) Dr Tristan Cogan

Dr Eric Morgan

Biological Sciences

Luke O'Connor Veterinary Science Climate change and parasites of wild reindeer (Rangifer tarandus): evidence of trait evolution on South Georgia?  loconnor (PDF, 140kB) Dr Eric Morgan

Dr Katy Turner

Social & Community Medicine

 Faculty of Science

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Charles O'Brien Chemistry Antibiotic hydrolysis by KPC β-lactamases: a computational insight  c-obrien (PDF, 497kB) Professor Adrian Mulholland

Dr Jim Spencer

Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Catrin Harris Chemical Physics Fabrication of diamond via pulsed direct-current plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition c-harris (PDF, 334kB) Dr Neil Fox

Professor Martin Cryan

Electrical Electronic Engineering

Jordan Frost Mathematics Structural importance of COGs in E.coli via routing in the Hyperbolic Plane j-frost (PDF, 186kB) Dr Ben Barber

Dr Tom Williams

Earth Sciences

Laura Compton Physics

Biophysics of the eye: From models to real systems

l-compton (PDF, 1,050kB)

Dr Annela Seddon

Dr Nicholas Roberts

Biological Sciences

Maximilian Kloucek  Physics Detecting metabolic activity of living bacteria using evanescent waves m-kloucek (PDF, 241kB)

Dr Massimo Antognozzi

Dr Matthew Avison

Cellular and Molecular Medicine

 Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

NameDepartmentProject TitlePosterDepartmental SupervisorCo-supervisor
Simon Kaiser Economics and Politics Distributed Ledgers and Institutions for Development s-kaiser (PDF, 77kB) Dr Mircea Popa

Dr Bogdan Warinschi

Computer Science

Katie Barnes-Monaghan Law Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Context of Brexit c-harris (PDF, 334kB) Dr Margherita Pieraccini

Dr James Verdon

Earth Sciences

Nick Queffurus Law Colonial workers’ rights in the ‘postcolonial’ Anglophone and Francophone writing of the ‘great realist’ African novelists j-frost (PDF, 186kB) Dr Yvette Russell

Dr Madhu Krishnan


Max Haskins Politics and International Relations

Mapping the Sortie: Governing Technology and Military Intelligence within the U.S. RPA System

l-compton (PDF, 1,050kB)

Dr Elspeth Van Vereen

Professor Ian Craddock

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Wing Chan Social Policy Do hungry Asian adolescents have more health problems? m-kloucek (PDF, 241kB) Professor David Gordon

Professor Alan Emond

Social & Community Medicine

Amy Liddle Social Policy Ethnicity and the Intra-household Economy a-liddle (PDF, 88kB)

Dr Julia Gumy

Professor Esther Dermott

Sociology, Politics & International Studies