IAS FAst Track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Jingbo Wang, University of Western Australia

12 May - 2 June

BMVP Jingbo Wang

Jingbo Wang is a professor in the School of Physics at The University of Western Australia. Her research spans several distinct disciplines including quantum dynamics theory, quantum computation and information, atomic and molecular physics, quantum chemistry, nanotechnology, acoustics and computational physics. Professor Wang received her Ph.D. degree in 1989 from the Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics, Adelaide University. She has published extensively, including a recent book by Springer, one edited special journal issue by American Scientific Publishers, four book chapters by Academic Press, Nova Science Publishers and American Scientific Publishers, as well as numerous research papers in prestigious physics journals and international conference proceedings. Professor Wang currently leads the quantum dynamics and computation group at The University of Western Australia. She and her research team were among the first to show the power of quantum walks in distinguishing a wide range of non-isomorphic graph classes and in extracting local and global structural information of complex networks. Her recent work has provided some of the most efficient quantum circuits to implement a large variety of quantum walks. She has also developed various advanced numerical techniques to solve problems of practical importance in both quantum and classical regimes.

During her visit Professor Wang will be participating in a Physics Colloqium on the 26 May and a CQP Seminar on the 14 May. 

For further details on Professor Wang's visit please contact Professor Jeremy O'Brien at Jeremy.obrien@bristol.ac.uk.