IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Susan Vroman

14-24 May 2014

Professor Susan Vroman, University of Georgetown

Susan Vroman is a professor in the Department of Economics at Georgetown University. She has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Johns Hopkins University. At Georgetown, she teaches courses in labour economics and microeconomic theory. She has been a Visiting Professor at the Vrije University of Amsterdam, Stockholm University, Osaka University, and the University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on equilibrium search theory with applications to the labour and housing markets.

For further information about Professor Vroman's visit, please contact Dr. Helene Turon.

During her stay in Bristol Professor Vroman will be involved in a SWDTC Phd workshop on the 19th May, called Directed Search, and one on the 21st May called Public Sector Employment in an Equilibrium Search and Matching Model.