UoB Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Martyn Unsworth, University of Alberta, Canada

M Unsworth profile photoIntegrating geophysical and geological studies of crustal magma bodies

9 March - 9 April 2018

Professor Unsworth is a geophysicist who uses electromagnetic methods to study a broad range of geological and tectonic processes. He is currently a faculty member in both the Department of Physics, and Department of Earth Sciences, teaching a range of classes in geophysics and geology at all levels.

His current research is focused on using electromagnetic methods in both pure and applied geophysics.  His applied research interests include mineral, hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration. In the field of non-applied geophysics he is a leader in using electromagnetic methods to study tectonic processes. Over the last 25 years this has included studies of mid-ocean ridges, strike-slip faults, subduction zones and continent-continent collisions. A number of his recent studies have used detailed geophysical studies to image the hydrothermal and magmatic systems beneath active volcanoes. In recent years he has led field studies in the Andes, Tibet, Western Canada and Antarctica.

During his stay Professor Unsworth will be hosted by Professor Michael Kendall (Earth Sciences)