Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Timothy Donais, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

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Local Capacity Building for Peacebuilding

2 - 16 October 2018


Timothy Donais is a leading scholar on local processes in peacebuilding, and the intersection of communities, civil society, state, and international actors in peace operations. His research draws directly on extensive field work in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Haiti. His current research is examining the vertical integration of local, state and international actors in peace settlements. His work is driven by a commitment to local empowerment in peace processes, and a desire to inform policies for the implementation of sustainable processes of peace. His work on Security Sector Reform, the role of police in peace operations, and local capacity building have framed contemporary debates around the governance of post-conflict societies. Dr Donais is the Associate Director of the PhD Program in Global Governance at the Balsille School of International Affairs, and an Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.

Project Summary

The study of localization policies in peacebuilding is a pressing academic and policy concern. While local ownership is generally lauded, the barriers to its effectiveness have not received as much attention. The obstacles to its success can be divided between programmatic issues arising from particular project designs and the management of NGOs generally, and structural issues relating to impediments embedded within a given state’s political, social and institutional contexts. Without engagement with these structural impediments, effective localisation is likely to be limited at best. Dr. Donais’ visit will provide an opportunity to further scope out avenues for collaborative research on this issue, bringing together significant clusters of expertise within the Global Insecurities Centre, and within the Canadian academic community that has taken a lead on peacebuilding practice.

During his stay Dr Donais will be hosted by Dr Ryerson Christie (SPAIS)