IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Anindya Sarkar, Indian Institute of Technology, India

19 September - 21 December 2010

Photo of Dr Anindya Sarkar Dr Sarkar is a Professor of Geology and Isotope Geochemistry at Department of Geology and Geophysics, I ndian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India. Dr Sarkar received his Master of Science in Geology from Presidency College, Calcutta and subsequently obtained his PhD in 1992 on isotope geochemistry from Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. He was a JSPS fellow at Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1999.

Dr Sarkar joined the faculty of the IIT, Kharagpur in 2002 where he founded and headed the National Stable Isotope Facility. Whilst on the faculty of the IIT, Kharagpur, Dr Sarkar completed a Royal Society visiting fellowship at University College London, U.K. in 2004. He was also visiting scientist at Swedish Museum of Natural History, and Purdue University in 2010.

He is a member of the Indo-US organizing committee on frontiers of science. His research encompasses sedimentology, isotope and sequence stratigraphy of Palaeogene Himalayan foreland sediments and lignite basins of western India; tropical PETM records; evolution Ganges deltas; arsenic pollution in Bengal basin; monsoon variability and deep ocean circulation over century to million year time scale using stable and short lived radio-isotope systematics of carbonates, organic matter and water; causes of extinction events across major geological boundaries namely Precambrian/Cambrian, Permo-Triassic, Cretaceous/Tertiary, Eocene/Oligocene using isotope and geochemical tracers.  He also works on redox condition and early life using sulfur isotopes in Indian Proterozoic basins.

Dr Sarkar will be working with Professor Richard D. Pancost, Professor in Organic Geochemistry, Organic Geochemistry Unit, Department of Chemistry, on 'Past analogues for future greenhouse climates using lipids to reconstruct a Cenozoic global warming event from western Indian sediments'.

Dr Sarkar will present the following lectures as part of his Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship:

1) Public Lecture: 'Evolution of Ganges-Brahmaputra delta during the last 20,000 years', time and venue tba.

2) Research Student Lecture: 'A new tropical PETM record from India: initial results and future potential', Biogeochemistry Seminar Room, Department of Chemistry, time tba.

For more details of Dr Sarkar's visit, please contact Professor Richard D. Pancost.