Past BMVPs

Medium Term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2014/15

1-30 Sep 2014 Professor Christoph Gerber
Professor and Director of Scientific Communication, NCCR Nanoscale Science, University of Basel, Switzerland
Professor Mervyn Miles
Physics/Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information
Looking and Sensing but not Touching
15 Aug - 15 Nov 2014 Professor Carlos Cesnik
Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan
Professor Jonathan Cooper
Aerospace Engineering
Aeroelastic Tailoring of Very Flexible Composite Wings
Aug-Oct 2014 Professor Christopher Duffy
Professor of Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Professor Thorsten Wagener
Civil Engineering
Enabling water management with a new generation of integrated models for enhanced water security
15 Sep-15 Dec 2014 Professor Stavros Farantos
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Crete, Greece
Professor Stephen Wiggins
Exploring Molecular Phase Space Structures for Understanding Non-Linear Dynamical Behaviours of Complex Molecular Systems and Chemical Reactivity
Nov 2014 Dr. Moyra Gardeweg
CEO Aurum Consulting, Santiago, Chile
Professor Stephen Sparks
Earth Sciences
Tectonic and Volcanic Evolution of the Arica District, Chile
15 Nov-15 Dec 2014 Dr. Derek Schutt
Assistant Professor, Geosciences Department, Colorado State University
Dr. James Wookey
Earth Sciences
Examining Continental Assembly Through New Methods of Measuring Seisemic Velocity Anisotropy
6 Jan-6 Apr 2015 Professor Mary Brydon-Miller
Professor of Educational and Community-based Action Research , College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services/ Director of Action Research Center, University of Cincinnati, USA
Dr. Patricia Gaya
Re-Creating Higher Education: The Ethical imperative for Institutional Change
1 Feb-31 Mar 2015 Professor Vernon Cormier
Professor of Physics, University of Connecticut, USA
Dr. James Wookey
Earth Sciences
Probing the Structure of the Earth's Core
1 Feb-31 Mar 2015 Professor Roberto Poli
Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, Italy
Professor Keri Facer
Graduate School of Education
Theory and Practice of Anticipation
16 Feb-10 Apr 2015 Dr. Cheryl Siemers
Associate Professor of English/ Co-Chair Arts and Sciences, Kenai Peninsula College, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
Dr. Angela Piccini
Drama: Theatre, Film, Television
Colston Research Fellowship: Valuing Local Knowledge and Diverse Ways of Knowing: Community-Engaged Partnerships and Empowering Pedagogy
10 Apr-10 Jun 2015 Professor Alison Bartlett
Head of Discipline, Gender Studies, University of Western Australia
Dr. Maude Perrier
School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies/ Gender Research Centre
Feminist Cultural Histories

Fast Track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2014/15

March 2014 Dr. Sylvia Bashevkin
University of Toronto, Canada
Professor Sarah Childs
Professor of Gender and Politics
Women as foreign policy leaders
25 Mar-6 Apr 2014 Dr. John Thompson
University of Auckland
Professor Jonathan Sandy
School of Oral and Dental Sciences
The care of children born with cleft lip and palate in New Zealand , outcomes, genetics and environment.
April 2014 Dr. Daniel Hruschka
Arizona State University
Professor Alex Bentley
Archaeology and Anthropology
Friendship and human cultural evolution
April 2014 Professor Russell Gray
University of Auckland
Dr. Fiona Jordan
Archaeology and Anthropology
Furthering frontiers in cultural evolution
6-9 May 2014 Professor Garrett Sullivan, Jnr.
Pennsylvania State University
Dr John Lee
Sleep Studies
14-24 May 2014 Professor Jim Albrecht
University of Georgetown
Dr Helene Turon
Directed Seach in Labour and Housing Markets
14-24 May 2014 Professor Susan Vroman
University of Georgetown
Dr Helene Turon
Directed Seach in Labour and Housing Markets
15 May-15 June 2014 Professor John Hummel
University of Illiniois
Professor Jeffrey Bowers Experimental Psychology Symbolic modes of perception and cognition
3-7 June 2014 Professor Michael Walker
Department of Zoology and Physical Anthropology, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Professor Kate Robson-Brown
Archaeology and Anthropology
The Neanderthals of the Sima de las Palomas
4-6 June 2014 Professor Michael Marder
University of the Basque Country, Spain
Dr. Maria Fannin
Geographical Sciences
Philosophical perspectives on environmental sustainability
June 2014 Professor Simeon Pierre Choukem
University of Buea, Cameroon
Professor Julian Hamilton-Shield
School of Clinical Sciences
Identifying future research collaborations on the Cameroon Obesity and Diabetes of the Young Programme (CAMODY)
22-28 June 2014 Professor Kodzo Gavua
University of Ghana
Professor Mark Horton
Archaeology and Anthropology
Slavery: Legacies and Remembrance
24 June - 15 July 2014 Dr. Bradley Deline
University of West Georgia
Professor Phillip Donoghue
School of Earth Sciences
Quantifying major evolutionary transitions from the origins of multicellularity to the evolution of languages
7-14 July 2014 Dr. Thierry Blu
Department of Electronic Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr. Alin Achim
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
A unified framework for super-resolution and fusion of retinal imagery
14-25 July 2014 Dr Charles Luce
US Forest Service in Boise, Idaho
Dr Ross Woods
Department of Civil Engineering
Large Scale Modeling of Snowpacks for Climate Change Assessment
Oct 2014 Professor William Clark
University of California
Drs Winnie Wang and David Manley
Geographical Sciences
The Intersection of Residential Choice and School Choice: Is there evidence that families choose locations to maximise access to good schools?
5 Oct-18 Oct 2014 Professor Joseph Masco
University of Chicago
Professor Jutta Weldes
Towards a Planetary Security: Considering Nuclear and Climate Dangers
28-30 Oct 2014 Professor Joyce Chaplin
Harvard University
Professor Robert Mayhew
Geographical Sciences
New Perspectives on Malthus
9-14 Nov 2014 Dr Andrew Watson
NASA Ames Research Center
Professor David Bull
Immersive Video Processing
10 Nov-5 Dec 2014 Associate Professor Jake Lynch
University of Sydney
Professor Timothy Edmunds
Global Insecurities Centre, SPAIS
Networked legitimacy conflicts: globalising self-determination struggles by Palestinians and Sri Lankan Tamils
16 Jan-6 Feb 2015 Dr Michael Mickelbart
Purdue University
Professor Alistair Hetherington
Biological Sciences
Improvement of crop water use efficiency for food security
26 Jan - 6 Feb 2015 Professor Alessandro Vettori,
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA
Professor Carolyn Muessig,
Religion and Theology
Prayer and Blasphemy in Bonaventure and Dante
March 2015 Professor Campbell Craig
Aberystwyth University
Dr Benoit Pelopidas
International Relations
The nuclear revolution as theory
March 2015 Janelle Orsi
CEO Sustainable Economies Law Centre (USA)
Professor Morag McDermont,
Law School
The Role of Law and Lawyers in Shaping Sustainable Economies
10 April-10 June 2015 Professor Marybeth Stalp
Northern Iowa University, USA
Dr Ann Rippin
Changing the world through cloth: women, motherhood, maturity and ageing explored through sustainable traditional crafts
25 April-21 May 2015 Professor Iain Hay
Flinders University, Australia
Professor Jonthan Beaverstock
International Management
The super-rich, inequality and emerging environmental challenges
12 May - 6 June 2015 Professor Jingbo Wang
University of Western Australia, Australia
Professor Jeremy O'Brien
Centre for Quantum Photonics
Quantum simulation via continuous-time quantum walks
26 May - 12 June 2015 Professor Nik Theodore
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Professor Morag McDermont, 
Law School & Adam Dixon, Geography
Co-producing Urban Politics
31 May - 13 June 2015 Professor William Idsardi
University of Maryland, USA
Dr Nina Kazanina,
Experimental Psychology
Human speech: from hearing to understanding
21 June-3 July 2015 Dr Marc Bornstein,
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute
of Child Health and Human Development, USA
Dr Rebecca Pearson & Dr Katarzyna Kordas,
Novel methods and 'wearables' to measure parental behaviour
14-27 June 2015 Dr Judith McFarlane,
Texas Women's University in Houston, USA
Professor Gene Feder,
Social and Community Medicine
Promoting collaborative research on determining what works to prevent gender-based violence
28 June-12 July 2015 Professor Robert Sherrell
Rutgers University, USA
Dr Kate Hendry,
Earth Sciences
Exploring climate interactions with biolgical productivity in the modern and past oceans using novel geochemical approaches
6-17 July 2015 Professor Peter van Beukelen,
Utrecht University, Netherlands
Mrs Sheena Warman,
Veterinary Sciences
Developing research excellence in veterinary education and curriculum design
11-31 Oct 2015 Professor Edward Stolper
California Institute of Technology
Professor Jon Blundy
Earth Sciences
The origin of mugearites and related magmas on the Earth and Mars
11 Oct-1 Nov 2015 Professor Albrecht Classen
University of Arizona, USA
Dr Marianne Ailes
Department of French
The Myth of Charlemagne in German and Dutch Medieval Literature
18 -31 Oct 201
Professor Sue Newberry
University of Sydney, Australia
Professor Sheila Ellwood
Accounting and Finance
Developments in International Public Sector Accounting, and government management and reform of a natural disaster fund

Medium-term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2013/14

19 May-27 Jul 2013 Professor Yogesh Joglekar
Department of Physics, Indiana University, Purdue University, USA
Professor Jeremy O'Brien
School of Physics
New avenues for quantum computing, entanglement, and strongly correlated states
2 June-15 Aug 2013 Professor Andy Cockburn
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Canterbury, NZ
Professor Sriram Subramanian
Department of Computer Science
Improving skills learning using shape changing devices
5 Jun-1 Aug 2013 Dr Craig A. Taatjes
Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Professor Dudley Shallcross
School of Chemistry
Criegee intermediate chemistry
1 Aug 2013-1 Aug 2014 Professor Jeff Orchard
David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr Casimir Ludwig
School of Experimental Psychology
Neural engineering the cognitive models of decision-making
2 Oct - 2 Dec 2013 Professor Elisa Marti-Lopez
Northwestern University, USA
Professor Andrew Ginger
School of Modern Languages
The Urban Spaces of Death: Cemeteries as Narratives of the Modern City 1780-1918
21 Oct-22 Nov 2013 Professor Derek Richardson
Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland, USA
Dr Zoe Leinhardt
School of Physics
Building planets: developing the largest planet formation simulation in the world
Jan-Jul 2014 Dr J. Cameron Monroe
Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Professor Mark Horton
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
Cartographies of Power in Africa and the African Diaspora
3 Mar-2 May 2014 Dr Sharon Irish
School of Architecture, University of Illinois, USA
Dr Angela Piccini
Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television
In the Third Margin: Local Knowledge and Self-Organisation
Feb - May 2014 Professor Julian Reid
University of Lapland, Finland
Dr Brad Evans
School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Complexity, Resilience & Catastrophic Futures
27 April-27 May 2014 Professor Lianzhen He
School of International Studies, Zhejiang University, China
Dr Guoxing Yu
Graduate School of Education
Exploring English language assessment in globalised higher education
May 2014-July 2014 Professor Loc Do
Principal Research Fellow, The University of Adelaide
Professor Andy Ness
School of Oral and Dental Sciences
Identifying lifecourse determinants of oral health through cross-country comparative analysis

Fast Track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2013/14

22-29 Sep 2013 Professor Jose del Valle
Professor of Hispanic Linguistics, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, USA
Dr Nils Langer
Reader in German
School of Modern Languages
Spanish language policies/historical sociolinguistics of the nineteenth century
27-30 Oct 2013 Professor Ian Hacking
University of Toronto, Canada
Professor Alexander Bird
Professor of Philosophy
Styles of reasoning
18-20 Nov 2013 Professor Neil Hertz
John Hopkins University, USA
Tom Sperlinger
Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of English
Pastoral in Palestine
Dec 2013 Professor Stephen Daly
Associate Professor of Petrology, University of Dublin
Dr Thomas Kador
Archaeology and Anthropology
Isotope Archaeology in Northwest Europe
2-7 Dec 2013 Dr. Xavier Descombes
Senior researcher, INRIA
Dr. Alin Achim
Senior Lecturer in Signal Processing
Novel methods for correlative light-electron microscopy

Medium-term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2012/2013

10 Sept - 15 Dec 2012 Professor Herbert Huppert FRS
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Stephen Sparks
Earth Sciences
Gas flows from deep within the Earth
26 Sep - 15 Dec 2012 Professor David Eaton
Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary, Canada
Professor George Helffrich
Earth Sciences
Studies of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary
1 Jan 20 April 2013 Dr Karen E. Kohfeld

School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Professor Andy Ridgwell
School of Geographical Sciences
Linkages between marine ecosystems, ice age climates, and carbon dioxide
1 May - 31 July 2013 Professor Lindon Eaves
Department of Human and Molecular Genetics/Psychiatry, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Dr David Evans & Professor George Davey-Smith
School of Social & Community Medicine
Modeling the causal effects of genes and social interaction in the development of disease risk
19 May - 3 Aug 2013 Dr. Eshetu Gurmu

Centre for Population Studies, Addis Ababa University, Ethopia

Dr Mhairi Gibson
Archaeology & Anthropology
Marriage in times of change: anthropological and demographic perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa
3 Oct - 17 Dec 2013 Dr John Mavrogenes
Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University, Australia
Professor Jon Blundy
School of Earth Sciences
Geochemistry of ore metals at very high temperatures

Fast-track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2012/2013

1 - 21 Oct 2012 Dr Schirin Amir-Moazami
Assistant Professor, Institute of Islamic Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Professor Tariq Modood
Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Muslim forms of social life and practices under liberal secular governance in Europe
23 - 26 Oct 2012 Professor John Irving
Department of Music & Performing Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK
Dr Pauline Fairclough
Music, School of Arts
The historically informed performance practice of Baroque and Classical music
6 - 14 Dec 2012 Professor Ryan Balot
Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada
Professor Neville Morley
Classics and Ancient History, School of Humanities
Legacy of Greek political thought
11 - 12 Mar 2013 Professor Siegfried Zielinski
Chair of Media Theory
Berlin University of Arts, Germany & Michel Foucault Professor for Techno-Culture & Media Archaeology, European Graduate School, Switzerland
Professor Andrew Ginger
Chair of Iberian & Latin American Studies
Deep time of media and variantology
11 - 29 Mar 2013 Emily Lauer
Consultant Analyst
Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research, E.K. Shriver Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Dr Pauline Heslop
Norah Fry Research Centre/ School for Policy Studies
Mortality reviews, US, Intellectual disabilities
16 - 24 Mar 2013 Professor Eugenia Paulicelli
Professor of Italian, Comparative Literature, and Women's Studies, Queens College, City University of New York, USA
Dr Nick Rees-Roberts
French, School of Modern Languages
Italian style: fashion and film (1914 to the present)
18 - 25 Mar 2013 Dr Chris Bain
Senior Epidemiologist, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Professor Andy Ness
Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, School of Social & Community Medicine and the Bristol Biomedical Research Unit in Nutrition
Identifying future research priorities in lifecourse and nutritional epidemiology
1 - 16 Apr 2013 Dr Ron Thomson
Associate Professor, Brock University, Canada
Dr Talia Isaacs
Graduate School of Education
Establishing a second language (L2) speech laboratory for measuring L2 pronunciation and oral fluency development
11 - 24 May 2013 Dr Eve Haque
Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University, Canada
Dr Frances Giampapa
Lecturer in Education (TESOL/Applied Linguistics), Graduate School of Education
Globalizing Skilled Migration and Immigrant Language Training
3 - 7 June 2013 Professor Michael Merry
History and Philosophy, University of Amsterdam
Dr Rich Harris
Reader in Quantitative Geography, Geographical Sciences
Living together or happy apart? Understanding the multiple dimensions of segregation or ‘voluntary separation’
10 - 14 Jun 2013 Professor Michael Kramer
Department of Pediatrics and of Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health
McGill University, Canada
Professor Richard Martin
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Social and Community Medicine/
Biomedical Research Unit in Nutrition
Health effects of breastfeeding
17 - 21 June 2013 Dr Dianne Pulte
Clinical assistant professor, Division of Hematology, Thomas Jefferson University, USA
Professor Mona Jeffreys
Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, School of Social and Community Medicine
Survival from hematological malignancies in older people
Jun - Aug 2013 Professor Guanrong Chen
Chair & Director of Center for Chaos & Complex Networks, City University of Hong Kong
Professor Mario di Bernardo
Professor of Nonlinear Systems & Control
Engineering Mathematics/
Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences
Analysis and control of complex evolving networks

Medium-term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2011/2012

30 May - 29 Jul 2011 Associate Professor Geoff Pryde
Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Professor Jeremy O'Brien
Physics/Electrical Engineering
Enabling a new generation of quantum technologies
16-29 Feb 14-26 May Professor Jerry McManus
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, New York, USA
Dr Laura Robinson
Earth Sciences
Dynamical proxies for reconstructing changes in ocean circulation since the last ice age
17 Apr - 23 Jun 2012 Dr. Nathaniel Lew
Department of Fine Arts, Saint Michael's College, Vermont, USA
Professor Stephen Banfield & Professor John Pickard
Making English music in the 1951 Festival of Britain
23 Apr- 23 May 2012 Dr Iain A. Anderson
Biomimetics Lab, Auckland Bioengineering Institute, New Zealand
Dr Jonathan Rossiter
Engineering Mathematics
Soft and sensitive robots
21 May - 8 Jun 2012 Professor Matthew Bailey
Department of Romance Languages, Washington & Lee University, Virginia, USA
Dr Marianne Ailes
Modern Languages (French)
Charlemagne; A European Icon Charlemagne in Spain
TBC Professor Mary Beth Ruskai
Department of Electrical & Computing Engineering,Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA
Professor Andreas Winter
Entropy Inequalities
20 June - 25 July Dr Bhashkar Mazumder
Senior Economist at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Executive Director of Chicago Census Research Data Center, Chicago, USA
Professor Sonia Bhalotra
Economics, Finance & Management
Intergenerational economic mobility and the importance of early life health

Fast-track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2011/2012

8-11 Feb 2012 Mr John McCabe CBE
Royal Academy of Music
Professor John Pickard
Visiting Professor of Composition and Performance
19 - 25 Feb 2012 Professor Nils Holger Petersen
Director, Centre for the Study of the Cultural Heritage of Medieval Rituals, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Professor Pam King
Centre for Medieval Studies
Modern Contexts for Medieval Performances
3 -10 May 2012 Professor Kevin E. Bassler
Professor Physics, University of Houston, USA
Dr Thilo Gross
Engineering Mathematics
Spectral properties of geographical networks
8 - 11 May Professor Kathryn Grossman
Professor of French, Penn State University, USA
Dr Bradley Stephens
Victor Hugo's Les Misérables at 150: Histories and Futures of a Literary Landmark
9 - 17 June 2012 Professor Luce Irigaray
Director of Research in Philosophy, CNRS, Paris, France
Dr Maria Fannin
Geographical Sciences
Research and Teaching in Interrelational Ethics

Medium-term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2010/2011

1 - 31 Jul Professor John Robinson
Department of Physiology & Cell Biology, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA
Dr Paul Verkade
Physiology & Pharmacology /Biochemistry, Faculty of Medical & Veterinary Sciences
Correlative light and electron microscopy of dynamic organelle modification in macrophages
19 Sep- 21 Dec Professor Anindya Sarkar
Department of Geology & Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology, West Bengal, India
Professor Richard D Pancost
Organic Geochemistry Unit, Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Past analogues for future greenhouse climates: using lipids to reconstruct a Cenozoic global warming event from western India sediments
14 Oct - 31 Jul Dr Luis HV Melo
Physics Department, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal
Professor JK Heinrich Hoerber
Developing applications of AFM-based nanofabrication techniques to a new generation of nanometre-sized devices
1 Nov - 30 Jun Dr Melanie Rose Nilsson
McDaniel College, Maryland, USA
Professor Derek Woolfson Chemistry/Biochemistry Design and characterisation of biologically inspired nanostructured functional materials
9 Dec - 10 Mar Professor Fucheng Zhang
Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Professor Michael J. Benton & Dr Stuart L. Kearns
Earth Sciences
Evolution of feathers in ancient birds and dinosaurs
1 Mar - 30 Apr Professor Ana V Diez-Roux
Center for Social Epidemiology & Population Health, University of Michigan, USA
Dr Bruna Galobardes &
Professor Debbie Lawlor
Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
Systems thinking in population health research
15 May - 15 Jun Assoc. Professor Kelsey Hegarty
Primary Care Research Unit, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Professor Gene Feder Community Based Medicine, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Development of domestic violence interventions for families attending primary care
7 Jun - 31 Jul Dr Victoria Vesna
Department of Design I Media Arts, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Professor Mervyn Miles
Physics, Faculty of Science
Sci-Art inspired by nanoscience and quantum information

Fast-track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2010/2011

4 Sep - 1 Oct Dr Sean David
McDaniel College, Maryland, USA
Professor Derek Woolfson Chemistry/Biochemistry Design and characterisation of biologically inspired nanostructured functional materials
20 - 23 Oct Dr Aloysius Siow
Physics Department, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal
Professor JK Heinrich Hoerber
Developing applications of AFM-based nanofabrication techniques to a new generation of nanometre-sized devices
22 - 28 Oct Professor Gail M. Atkinson
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Dr Katsu Goda &
Professor Colin Taylor
Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Seismic hazard assessment for nuclear power plants in the UK
1 - 7 Nov Dr Sergei Kapterev
Research Institute of Film Art, Moscow, Russia
Dr Birgit Beumers
Russian, Faculty of Arts
Special effects in Soviet documentaries of the Cold war era
14 - 28 Feb Professor Christian Brosseau
Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France
Dr Hua-Xin Peng
Aerospace Engineering
Dielectric and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic-microwire enabled polymer composites for potential stress sensing applications
12 - 16 Apr

Dr Keryn E. Pasch
University of Texas at Austin, USA
Professor Rona Campbell
Department of Social Medicine
Adolescent risk behaviours: Patterns and prevention of the co-occurrence of behaviours
21 - 31 Jul

Professor Siân Echard
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Professors Elizabeth Archibald & Ad Putter
Department of English/Centre for Medieval Studies
Arthurian literature and medievalism
1 - 19 Aug

Assistant Professor Adam Leventhal
Health, Emotion & Addiction Laboratory University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
Professor Marcus Munafò
School of Experimental Psychology
Genetics of tobacco withdrawal

8 - 16 Sep

Dr Monowar Alam Khalid
Earthwatch Institute, India Regional climate Centre Karnataka, India
Dr Malcolm Fairbrother
School of Geographical Sciences
Social determinants of land degradation in Karnataka, India

Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2009/2010

Name and InstitutionBristol Host DetailsTopic of Research
Professor Bronwyn Davies*
School of Education
University of Western Sydney
New South Wales, Australia
Dr Jane Speedy
Graduate School of Education
'Collaboration, innovation and generating our selves' as part of the University research theme: learning, identity and society.
Professor Farhan Gandhi
Penn State Vertical Lift Research Centre of Excellence
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Pennsylvania State University USA
Professor David Ewins
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Embedded absorber for helicopter rotor vibration reduction
Professor Bernard McGinn
Divinity School,
University of Chicago
Illinois, USA
Dr Anke Holdenried
Department of Historical Studies &
Dr Carolyn Muessig
Department of Theology & Religious Studies
Mysticism in the Christian tradition
Associate Professor Michael Todd
Department of Structural Engineering
University of California San Diego
Professor Bruce Drinkwater
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Optical features and sensor network architecture of ultrasonic interrogation strategy for health monitoring of complex structures
Associate Professor Simon Wallis
Graduate School of Environmental Studies,
Nagoya University
Professors Jon Blundy & Mike Kendall
Department of Earth Sciences &
Dr Tom Scott
Interface Analysis Centre
Mantle seismic anisotropy beneath Ethiopia
Professor Spencer Zifcak
Institute of Legal Studies
Australian Catholic University Melbourne, Australia
Professor Rachel Murray
School of Law &
Professor Kelley Johnson
Norah Fry Research Centre
Implementing international human rights treaties in domestic law and practice: a UK-Australian comparison

* also an IAS Visiting Fellow