UoB Benjamin Meaker Visting Professor Ignasio Ngoma, University of Malawi

Ignacio NgomaSustainable Construction and Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa – Role of Civil and Construction Engineers – The Malawi Experience

4 - 19 February 2018

Dr Ngoma is an Associate Professor at the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic, which is the best technical higher education institute in Malawi. At the Polytechnic, he has been the director of one of the largest research centres Malawi Transportation Technology Transfer Centre.

Dr. Ngoma’s current research interest covers a wide range of topics that are important for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan African countries. These include: (i) use of bamboo frameworks for low cost constructions in seismic areas, (ii) innovations in road transport technology solutions from engineering material perspectives, and (iii) geotechnical investigations of hydro-electrical dam sites. Moreover, Dr. Ngoma works on seismic effects on buildings and infrastructure in Malawi, which was motivated by his personal experience as lead investigator of the earthquake damage aftermath of the 2009 Karonga earthquake sequence in Northern Malawi.

During his stay Dr Ngoma will be hosted by Dr Katsu Goda (Engineering)

Four networking/outreach activities are planned during Dr. Ngoma’s research stay: