IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Sue Newberry, University of Sydney, Australia

18 - 31 October 2015

Susan Newberry, PhD. is Professor of Accounting at the University of Sydney Business School. Her research focuses on public sector reforms, with a particular interest in financial reporting and accounting standard setting. She has examined effects of New Zealand’s world-leading public sector financial management reforms. Her critical analysis includes the erosion of resources available to government departments and units, inconsistencies that affect comparisons of government and business financial reports, and the implications for public policy.

Her current work focuses on government as a whole, and considers the growing popularity of special funds, and initiatives to reduce disclosures in financial reports, with implications for transparency and democratic accountability.
While visiting Bristol, Professor Newberry will present an Accounting & Finance seminar and PhD master class on public sector accounting research. She will give a lecture hosted jointly by the School of EFM and the Cabot Institute on financial management of government obligations in preparation for natural disaster, based on the New Zealand government’s Natural Disaster Fund, also known as the Earthquake Fund. A related event, “Sustainability: lessons for impact” (29th October) is to be hosted at the House of Lords by Lord Bichard on behalf of the Public Money & Management Journal. Professor Newberry will be a main speaker. Professor Newberry is a member of the editorial boards of the Financial Accountability & Management journal, Abacus, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, and Public Money and Management, and has recently completed a term as head of department.

During her stay at Bristol Susan will talk about the paper Understanding Complexities in International Accounting Standard Setting: Agenda Entry and the Case of IFRS for SMEs at a departmental seminar (26 October). 

For more information please contact Professor Sheila Ellwood (sheila.ellwood@bristol.ac.uk).