IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Michael Merry

3 - 7 June 2013

Michael S. Merry is professor of philosophy of education and chair of history and philosophy in the faculty of social and behavioural sciences and associate member of the philosophy department in the faculty of humanities at the University of Amsterdam. He also is a fellow with both the Institute for Migration and Ethnicity Studies and the Institute for Inequality Studies, University of Amsterdam. He studied comparative religion and philosophy in Chicago, Leuven and New York before earning his doctorate in philosophy and educational policy studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His writing covers a wide range of topics, though he engages primarily in philosophy and ethics in the field of education. He specializes in three distinct yet overlapping areas of study. These are: school segregation and voluntary separation; immigration and minority status; and stigma, prejudice and the particularities of identity. His work often examines alternative pedagogies that aim to strengthen the self-determination of minority (immigrant and indigenous) individuals through shared values, practices, and group membership. Other foci of his writing include: citizenship and civic virtue, tensions that occur between freedom and equality; expressions of paternalism in society; and the ethical conflicts that arise between the state, parents and children.

Professor Merry will be holding a seminar on 6th June on Debating Segregation.

For further information on Professor Merry's visit, please contact Dr Rich Harris.