IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Emily Lauer

11 - 29 March 2013

Ms. Lauer is a biostatistician whose work focuses on health and risk surveillance for adults with learning disabilities, with specialties in mortality surveillance and using administrative data.  Ms. Lauer works with US state departments and private agencies to aid in the understanding and utilization of health and risk-related data about service recipients.  She has provided consultation to mortality surveillance systems in multiple US states and agencies for people with disabilities, and authors annual mortality reports for organizations including the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, which was cited by the US Government Accountability Office as an example system and report for other states.  Ms. Lauer also advises organizations on surveillance system design and development of risk profiles, and conducts analyses on a wide variety of information to identify patterns of risk and adverse outcomes including utilization of hospital services, psychotropic medication, preventive screenings, unintentional injuries and behavioral-related incidents.

At a national level, Ms. Lauer was an Investigator on a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-funded project (PI: A. Bonardi), Health Surveillance of Adults with Intellectual Disability, to develop foundational content and resources necessary to establish national health surveillance in this population.  Currently she consults on the CDC-funded Pilot Project for Health Surveillance of People with Intellectual Disabilities with the Research Triangle Institute, and is a content expert for an NIH-funded course series: Risk Management in Developmental Disabilities (PI: S. Staugaitis) designed for risk management and quality improvement personnel in organizations and departments serving people with learning disabilities.

Whilst in Bristol Ms. Lauer will participate in a series of activities to share the learning of the US mortality reviews and contribute to discussions as to the way forward for the UK, building on the work of the Norah Fry Research Centre at the School for Policy Studies.

During her stay in Bristol Ms. Lauer will be giving the following talks:

13 March: Understanding health inequalities of people with learning disabilities through surveillance: approaches from the US

14 March: The power of applied research: Forging change in public health

25 March: Mortality surveillance in people with learning disabilities in the US: Impact and implications for future research


For further information on Ms. Lauer's visit, please contact Dr Pauline Heslop (Pauline.Heslop@bristol.ac.uk).