IAS Fast Track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Judith McFarlane, Texas Women's University in Houston, USA

14 - 27 June 2015

Judith McFarlane

Dr. Judith McFarlane is the Parry Chair in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at Texas Woman’s University in Houston, Texas in USA. Dr. McFarlane has her bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Florida and her doctorate from the University of Texas. Dr. McFarlane conducts research on the health effects of violence against women and children and the effectiveness of interventions to prevent further violence.

Dr. McFarlane’s research has been funded by the National Centre for Injury Prevention, Agency for Health Research & Quality, The National Institute of Justice, and National Institutes of Health in the US and international agencies, such as UNICEF and UKAID. Her research findings have been presented to congressional committees, cited on Cable News Network, and used globally to set standards of care for women and children.

Dr. McFarlane works internationally to design and evaluate community based programs to prevent violence against poor women in Pakistan where she is testing economic skill building as an intervention to interrupt abuse. Dr. McFarlane collaborates in South Africa with a World Health Organization funded project to establish the intersection of partner abuse and HIV infection, works with UNICEF in Zimbabwe to measure the impact of micro-finance, and was recently appointed as a consultant to the UKAID, DIFD initiative in Africa and Asia to determine what works to prevent gender based violence. Dr. McFarlane is a Visiting Scholar to capacity build research and guide community based research at Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan and the Sir Run Run Hospital in Hangzhou, China.

In 2011 Dr. McFarlane was funded with $2.6 million dollars to complete a 7-year study on abused women and children. The safety, work, health, and functioning of the women and their children is chronicled along with intergenerational impact of violence to offer evidence for global policy and practice standards.

Public talk "Closing the gap between what we know and need to know about gender-based violence", 25th June.

For further information about Dr McFarlane's visit please contact Professor Gene Feder (gene.feder@bristol.ac.uk).