IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Jonathan Martin

J Martin bmvpWeathering in Greenland: solute fluxes to the ocean and atmospheric gas exchange.

March 13 – April 12, 2018

Dr Jonathan Martin is Term Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Florida.

His research interests include evaluating fluxes of solutes and gases in a variety of earth surface environments including karst and coastal aquifers and high latitude watersheds. His recent work in karst systems focuses on carbon, nutrient, and metal cycling as surface water intrudes through spring vents in both terrestrial landscape and coastal settings. His work on coastal aquifers focuses on redox reactions caused by organic carbon remineralization and carbon, nutrient and metal fluxes to coastal oceans. He recently initiated research into fluxes of carbon, nutrient and metals from high latitude watersheds –the topic of this proposal.

He has been a visiting professor at the Maison de HydroSciences, Université de Montpellier, Montpellier France and was recently a visitor at the University of Copenhagen. He is Director Emeritus of the Karst Waters Institute and is a fellow of the Geological Sciences of America.

During his stay Dr Martin will be hosted by Dr Kate Hendry (Earth Sciences) and will collaborate on the project with his wife Dr Ellen Martin.

Dr Martin will be giving the following seminars: