IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Daniel Hruschka

daniel hruschka6-10 April 2014

Based in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University, Daniel Hruschka works in a research group that seeks to address questions of human social dynamics at the scale and complexity of human society today. Dr. Daniel Hruschka’s research asks how we as humans make our culture and how culture makes us human. How does our culture influence the way we face tough ethical decisions or deal with serious illness? How do we transform culture by the force of both our best efforts and our unintentional actions? Dr. Hruschka approaches these questions as an anthropologist, but he borrows pragmatically from across the social sciences, adapting and developing the tools—qualitative and quantitative, observational and experimental, analytical and agent-based—that are best suited for each specific question. Dr. Hruschka’s work focuses on developing novel ways of framing and testing the wealth of hypotheses in the social sciences about two specific questions—how humans stay healthy and how humans cooperate.

While in Bristol Dr. Hruschka is presenting work at the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association conference. He is giving a plenary lecture, entitled 'In search of cues to altruism: Studying proximate mechanisms to understand the evolutionary origins of costly giving'. He is also engaging in a knowledge-transfer workshop and helping to coordinate the launch of a new journal, provisionally called the Journal of Cultural Evolution.

For more information about Dr. Hruschka's visit, please contact Professor Alex Bentley