UoB Benjamin Meaker Visting Professor Hong-Jae Park, Western Sydney University, Australia

HJ-ParkTransnational Later Life Migration: Current Issues

29 Jan - 9 Feb 2018

Dr Hong-Jae Park is a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University, Australia.

Dr Park’s research speciality lies in the nexus of gerontological concerns; migrant and ethnic issues; and ethics and cross cultural practice. He has capitalized his transnational experienced, drawing closely on the holistic yin-yang approach to harmonise and synthesise research and knowledge development in these areas across cultures and regions. 

The visit of Dr Hong-Jae Park from the southern hemisphere will be an opportunity to think, rethink and reformulate our understanding of a group of older people (so called ‘later-life migrants’) who leave their homeland at an older age to join their children in the country of destination. This type of migration is likely to cause a range of challenges, which are particularly difficult and complex compared with those concerning older migrants who migrated at a younger age and then progressively aged in place.

During his stay Dr Park will be hosted by Professor Liz Lloyd (Policy Studies)

Dr Park will be involved with the following events: