Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor: Neil Hertz

18-20 November 2013

Professor Neil Hertz, Johns Hopkins University

Neil Hertz has followed a distinguished career in literary studies; his work on the sublime, published in The End of the Line: Essays on Psychoanalysis and the Sublime (1985; expanded edition, 2009) had and continues to have a profound effect on the subject-area. He is, in addition, an accomplished photographer (whose work has appeared in diacritics).

Neil Hertz has spent two extended periods teaching at Al Quds-Bard College in the West Bank and published research and reflections on the situation in the occupied territories, in Pastoral in Palestine (Chicago, 2013).

His visit will be of great interest to the wider university community since it gives the opportunity for the vexed questions of inter-state and intra-state relations in the Middle East to be raised, re-considered and discussed in unexpected and illuminating ways. While in Bristol Hertz will give a paper, aimed at members of the University from all disciplinary backgrounds (including for instance social historians, researchers into international relations and global security issues, and staff investigating the psychology of oppression):

Tuesday 19 November 2013: 'Pastoral in Palestine'

For more information about Professor Hertz's visit, please contact Tom Sperlinger.